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Sue & Larry 07-13-2001 08:00 PM

Routing Advice
<HTML><!-- eWebEditPro --><P>I am planning to take my CSY 33&nbsp;from Fort Lauderdale to Charleston, SC.&nbsp;What would be your suggested route?&nbsp; Would you stay in the Gulf Stream?&nbsp;Would you play a more conservative route close to the coast?&nbsp;If that is the case, where does the large traffic like container ships and cargo vessels go?<BR><BR><STRONG>Sue &amp; Larry respond: <BR></STRONG>The beauty of your upcoming trip is that you have the ability to combine offshore legs with interesting and scenic inland routes.&nbsp;If this is your first time making this journey, and you're not pressed for time, there are some great stops you might want to consider.&nbsp;&nbsp; <BR><BR>The only cruisers who would take the Gulf Stream north from Fort Lauderdale to Charleston are those who are in a great rush to get north, and even then, it is done with caution.&nbsp;The Gulf Stream can be your best friend or worst enemy, as it can get rough very fast with confused, irregular seas.&nbsp;This results in a most uncomfortable ride for those caught in its grips.&nbsp;If you do decide on sailing offshore the whole way, you'll likely find yourself exiting the Gulf Stream in northern Florida.&nbsp; </P><P>From there, you can either sail a rhumb line directly to Charleston, or follow a series of waypoints closer to the coast.&nbsp;Many sailors opt for the latter, as it provides you the opportunity to easily duck in should conditions deteriorate.&nbsp;</P><P>As for shipping, there will be plenty since you'll be passing many major ports along your route.&nbsp;A watchful eye and good VHF radio communication are all it takes, though, to have no problem.&nbsp;If you're ever unsure about a ship's intention, you simply hail them on the VHF.&nbsp; Most professional captains like to know your intention as well.&nbsp; <BR><BR>The best inlets for approaches in all conditions along your route are: Lake Worth, Fort Pierce, Port Canaveral, St Johns River, St Mary's, Port Royal, and Charleston.&nbsp;If conditions don't warrant sailing your entire route offshore, don't hesitate to try the ICW.&nbsp; It's a wonderful way to see America from a different perspective.&nbsp; Fernandina Beach, the coastal islands in Georgia with wild horses, Savannah, Beaufort, and of course your destination, Charleston, <BR>are all some of our favorite places by boat.&nbsp; <BR></P></HTML>

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