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Sue & Larry 02-17-2002 07:00 PM

Researching Sextants
<HTML><P>I am looking for an informational book about a ship's sextant. I would like to know how to use one as well as purchase one. Can you help?</P><P><STRONG>Sue &amp; Larry respond: <BR></STRONG></STRONG>Itís nice to hear that someone is still interested in navigating with a sextant. These useful devices have taken men around the world for hundreds of years. Ernest Shackletonís navigator from <I>Endurance</I> was so proficient with his sextant in 1916 that he guided two small sail-rigged lifeboats from the frozen pack ice of the Antarctic to safety on Elephant Island, then on to the Island of South Georgia. If you havenít already read the book <EM>Endurance</EM> by Alfred Lansing, itís an incredible tale of true grit taken from true life.</P><P></P><P>A book that covers all the basics and even has a section on how to buy a sextant is, <EM>The Sextant Handbook</EM> by Bruce Bauer. This is available through for $12.96. Sextants range greatly in price from under $100 to several thousand dollars. You might want to start out with an affordably priced model, several of which are available at the <A class=articlelink href="">SailNet Store</A>.</P><P>You might also want to check out the numerous articles about sextant that Jim Sexton has written here on SailNet. One in particular is <A class=articlelink href="">Calibrating a Sextant</A>.</P><P>Happy navigating.</P></FONT></HTML>

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