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Net0man 08-21-2013 08:33 PM

Oxford, MD
Hello everyone, my wife and I finally plan our mini sailing vacation, 4 days on the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Our home dock is HHN and we sail 25' Hunter. We thought about sailing to St. Michaels but we were disappointed that there is no slip available to dock. I know we are last minute planning our trip. So, we changed the destination to Oxford, MD. We will be staying at Mears Yacht Haven. We hope we would enjoy the Marina. I have a couple questions.

What places or restaurants do you suggest we to visit in or nearby Oxford? Is there a transportation we could ride to and from St. Michaels? We plan to navigate through Knapp Narrow in our sailings. How do we open the bridge to allow us though?

Thanks in advance for reading or answering questions. I am open suggestions.

Ajax_MD 08-21-2013 09:10 PM

Re: Oxford, MD
Once you visit Oxford, you may not feel a need to visit St. Mike's.

Oxford is a beautiful little town, totally walkable. I highly recommend the Robert Morris House to dine. Robert Morris helped finance the American Revolution, and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

I have stayed at Mears Yacht Haven and found it to be perfectly adequate. The pool is nice and clean, the showers and laundry are in decent shape. They lend bicycles for getting around.

I highly recommend that you visit the Cutts and Case wooden boat museum and yacht yard, or as I call it- The Temple of Wood.

Knapps Narrows opens on demand. Hail on VHF 13 and be prepared to provide your vessel's name.

Enjoy your trip.

T37Chef 08-22-2013 10:49 AM

Bubble hit most of it. There is a ferry that goes from St mikes to Oxford.

zz4gta 08-22-2013 05:30 PM

Re: Oxford, MD
FYI - there's a pretty good size race that starts in annapolis and finishes in Oxford, so I'd suggest going to dinner a little earlier rather than later at the popular places.

T37SOLARE 08-22-2013 05:46 PM

Re: Oxford, MD
I'll throw in Schooners Landing (just past Mears) for their Mussels & view. I've heard good things about The Masthead & Latitude 38 but haven tried them.

aa3jy 08-22-2013 05:53 PM

Re: Oxford, MD
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Originally Posted by T37Chef (Post 1077745)
Bubble hit most of it. There is a ferry that goes from St mikes to Oxford.

Not quite...

Oxford-Bellevue ferry to St. Michaels, Maryland

Spent a year and half at Oxford Boat Yard for a refit... Here are some area reviews..

I can personally recommend the Scottish Highland Creamery and Latitude 38

arf145 08-23-2013 11:51 AM

Re: Oxford, MD
I really like Oxford--I think you'll find that you're not getting a consolation prize. As others have said, a nice town to walk around. Mears is a decent marina, good location and pretty easy to motor into.

With the Knapps Narrows drawbridge, there's no need to radio them until you are in the narrows. Tell them who you are and which direction you are going. They truly do open on demand, and I don't think I've ever waited more than a minute or two.

Ajax_MD 08-23-2013 11:55 AM

Re: Oxford, MD
All this talk about Oxford has got me itching to go.:D

arf145 08-23-2013 12:25 PM

Re: Oxford, MD
I'll definitely be heading there around the second weekend in September as part of a 4-day trip with some friends. :)

4arch 08-24-2013 04:13 PM

Re: Oxford, MD
We were just at Oxford and stayed at Mears last weekend. The facilities are good, easy to get in and out of, good front row seats on all the boats coming and going at the mouth of Town Creek, friendly atmosphere. They also have free coffee and doughnuts on weekend mornings. We ate at Pope's restaurant and enjoyed it very much though it's a bit of a hike from Mears. We'd definitely second the recommendation for ice cream at Scottish Highland Creamery. It's a great town for strolling around too.

If you're really itching to get to St. Mikes and you have a dinghy, you can take the "back door" into town by anchoring in San Domingo Creek and taking your dinghy to the public dock at its head.

As for Knapps Narrows, it's a busy thoroughfare as Tilghman Island is one of the few true waterman's communities left in the mid-central bay. "Rush hour" for the working boats seems to be going out around 5-7 AM and coming in between about 2-4 PM. On a holiday weekend it'll probably be all the more busy with recreational boaters thrown in. It's worth going through just to see the spectacle of it but at the same skipping it and navigating outside of Tilghman can be worth the extra few miles it adds if, like last week, the wind was right to reach directly into the mouth of the Choptank.

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