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starcresttoo 11-24-2004 12:55 PM

here a wreck there a wreck everywhere a wreck wreck
I left the ruins of what was left of the marina in lake okechobee on november 1.There were sunken vessels all over the place,I think I may have hit one submerged in the channel.Even the largest of boats,not considered small craft were destroyed,half submerged in the man made canal called the"ditch".Even though I stayed in the channel the entire way I ran aground one time.I forgot that I had set the depth alarm,when my girlfriend said"your beeping". Moments later we were fast aground in 4 feet of water.Thats really very unnerving to feel that sudden surge foward as the boat hits bottom.So after a few minutes of evaluating the situation,I put the engine (8 hp outboard)in reverse,and swung it slowly left and right,and soon we were back on our way.As that channel was poorly marked,I proceeded slowly,and stayed close to where the larger boats were.I figured if its deep enough for them....Any way the next day we made it to the marina where I am now,and at 14 dollars per foot per month,I dont get hassled about where I sleep at night.I just cant use their address.In afew days I will be taking this boat further down the ICW to a haul out yard in broward county.Along this next 40 miles, as this next area was less severely hit by this years storms,there probably wont be as much visible damage.I will stay in this yard for about 3 or 4 months.Then I will decide where I will go next.Thats the freedom of having a boat.You can go any where,and ya got the whooooole ocean.

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