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TxSailor 03-15-2005 04:39 PM

What items would YOU take cruising??
I know it''s a very general question but I''m wanting to know;

IF, you were cruising, what are the items YOU would want to make sure you had onboard. eg.. extra items needed, basic items wanted, etc

Sasha_V 03-15-2005 05:41 PM

What items would YOU take cruising??
Available nubile women. Definately.

Water, food, fuel, navigation gear...yeah, I guess. safety gear...Maybe.

But definately at least three or four nubile women....who know how to mix drinks.

...and change the masthead lightbulbs.

...and maybe service a marine deisel engine

markcash 03-16-2005 03:06 AM

What items would YOU take cruising??
I think Sasha has it figured out. I bow to the wisdom of Sasha!

markcash 03-16-2005 03:07 AM

What items would YOU take cruising??

TxSailor 03-16-2005 11:54 AM

What items would YOU take cruising??
I''m thinking more along the lines of this;
I collect those small mustard, mayo, etc pack when I eat out and take them when I go cruising. No fridge needed, same amount every time, everyone makes their sandwich the way they want to.

HHJ 03-17-2005 09:28 AM

What items would YOU take cruising??
First, you need to answer some questions. Will your cruising be out of sight of land (i.e., night passages)? If so you''ll absolutely need jacklines and a gimballed stove so you can cook while heeled.

In the area of spare parts, at the very least I''d want a water pump impeller, a fan belt or two, some hose clamps and a length of spare hose, a good small flashlight, plenty of spare line, foulies boots and hats for everyone aboard - there''s more but I''m too busy at the moment (taking a break from what I should be doing) to be exhaustive. This, in addition of course, to the USCG required items which I''m sure I don''t need to list. Oh yeah, and what Sasha said.

capttb 03-21-2005 08:01 AM

What items would YOU take cruising??
Others correct re: engine parts etc. after the huge amount of rain we had this year I''ve added lots of hooks in the shower to hang wet foulies where they can drip "dry" (I wish) out of the cabin. I keep those little packets of Mayo and whenever I find items that normally need refrig. but don''t because of packaging I try to take advantage of it. Some salad dressings, fruit, jelly and milk in boxes are packed in small servings not requiring cold storage. A few of those Aluminum packs of Tuna with dried pasta and dried sauces like from Knorr can keep you going for weeks. I also keep bottled drinking water stowed in any available space. Oh, Duct Tape & WD40, the tape for everything that moves and ain''t supposed to & WD 40 for stuff that don''t move and should. Sailkote, ripstop tape, some waxed twine & needles, Fid, extra canvas (tarp) for shade or repairs. I''m gonna stop now before I get really carried away.
Shoot, just remembered, a small stainless thermos, easier to make an extra pot of coffee in the morning than when you are under way. An Igloo "Playmate" cooler is real efficient, so I put a little ice in one in the morning with the beverages and lunch items so I don''t open the boat icechest much during the day.

Silmaril 03-21-2005 09:24 AM

What items would YOU take cruising??
Other than the day to day items, and some of the things previously mentioned, I would also carry a length of 1X19 wire, of sufficient size and length to be able to replace any of your standing rigging. Appropriate Norseman fittings to finish the wire. A spare halyard. Extra VHF antenna and cable. Bolt cutters of large enough size to handle all sizes of your standing rigging. If you don''t want to use a bolt cutter, then one of those nifty charge powered shears. Through-hull bungs for every size of through hull you have, and at least one for each, attached to the through hull by a piece of fishing line. Aluminum tin knockers tape... about 3 inches wide. Epoxy, hardner, and a variety of cloths. 5200, 4200, and regular caulk. A piece or two of marine ply. Hand saw. Vice. Tools for every device on board. Wrenches to fit every size bolt and nut on board. Hand cranked drill. Drill bits. Spare lengths of hose in a variety of sizes. Extra hose clamps. Spool or two of tinned wire. Solder. Gas fired soldering iron. Spare breakers. Sextant, and knowing how to use one.

The list goes on and on....

Irwin32 03-25-2005 03:46 PM

What items would YOU take cruising??
My iPod and guitar.

jsgsail 03-27-2005 03:42 PM

What items would YOU take cruising??
in order of priorty
Charts, hand held GPS and VHF, spares for everything, sextant, harness, liferaft, female, beer, wine, liquor, food,

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