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mwolf7 06-15-2005 09:05 AM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
The rig on my Hunter 40.5 is almost 64'' from the waterline. Does anyone know what the lowest fixed bridge is? Do I need to worry?


boatbum 06-15-2005 02:30 PM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
In which area of the 1000 miles would you have interest.

mwolf7 06-15-2005 03:57 PM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
Sorry that I didn''t clarify. From the New York harbor area down to Miami.


GordMay 06-15-2005 04:39 PM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
Bridge Restrictions - The ICW - Mile Zero Norfolk, VA -to- Key West, FL:

ICW Bridges Florida East Coast - Fernandina -to- Miami:

Skipper Bobís ICW Updates - Updated June 4, 2005

pmills42255 07-14-2005 03:05 AM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
all the fixed bridges are good for 65'' but there is a bridge in Miami that is 56. Its anyone''s guess who transposed the numbers. Waiting for the tide is awkward there too, as the ICW is narrow in each direction If you need the clearance, go out in Ft Lauderdale and back in either at Miami or one of the ship channels going into the bay.

camaraderie 07-18-2005 05:58 AM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
Catalyst...have done the ditch several times in my boat which also has a 64'' mast height and have never brushed a bridge even though several are close. Might be a problem in some places with an exceptionally high tide but in normal conditions you can do everything but the Julia Tuttle bridge in Miami. Depths and shoaling are much more of a problem and you should definitely check out skipper Bob''s waterway guide AND his web updates (see link on Gord May''s reply above. The message boards also ave a waterway update section from Tom and Mel Neale which is most helpful. Finally...if you have an SSB reception capability, the daily Cruizheimers net provides the most up to date comments on ICW problems. (Daily Net on 8152 USB at 0830 ET) Best..BigGB

sidney777 08-11-2005 07:43 PM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
northern coast of Florida ICW is @ under 54 ft in many areas.

camaraderie 09-06-2005 10:17 AM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
yeah...but those bridges open! LOL BigGB

MarcellaRio 09-26-2005 08:41 PM

Mast height restrictions on the ICW
As long as you don''t plan on following the ICW westward through Lousianna some day. There is at least one bridge that has a 50'' clearance and is a ''Lift'' bridge (doesn''t open. Maybe research you guides to make sure even the ones where you are wanting to go are opening and not lift bridges.
Have fun,

hanleyclifford 01-28-2012 05:40 PM

Between Atlantic City and Cape May there are four bridges fixed at 35'. Does anyone have experience testing those bridges with a height requirement near the 35' mark?

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