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andrewburcham 12-06-2006 02:19 PM

Setting a Mooring - Southern California
Hello All,

I'm planning on taking my Alberg 35, two cats, and wife cruising on the coast and in the islands of southern california. We will spend most of our time around the west end of Catalina, but we also expect to spend fair weather time at the more northern islands as well.

What are the rules, and who makes them, pertaining to setting up a personal mooring? I've gotten the impression that this wouldn't be legal anywhere at Catalina, where do I look to find out for sure?


Enhydras 12-06-2006 04:36 PM

Legally you need permission from the State of California to install a mooring in the waters of California-anywhere with in three miles of land. However there are plenty of moorings for rent on a first come first served basis on Catalina. All the moorings are owned and operated by either the city of Avalon or Two Harbor Enterprises. You can anchor for free any where on the island so long as you are at least 100 yards from any established mooring. There are a couple exceptions but the harbor patrol will let you know if you are in the wrong place.

With the exception of Cat Harbor most of the decent anchorages on the west end of Catalina have moorings in them operated by Two Harbors. They can be reached of VHF ch 9.

If you have any specific question just ask I've lived aboard on the island for 5 years and used to work for Isthmus harbor patrol.


andrewburcham 12-06-2006 05:09 PM

Ah-ha, a local!

Thanks for the input. We've spent a fair amount of time out at the Isthmus; me and the wife were actually married out there last month.

A couple of questions: I've heard that when anchoring in Cat Harbor, you can only do so for up to two weeks at a time, such that some folks anchor for two weeks/moor for two weeks, and repeat? Also, I've heard that if you can land a job with the harbor patrol, they'll provide you with a moring free of charge?

Are you currently living aboard out there now, or are you on land?


Enhydras 12-07-2006 03:26 PM


You're right in Cat harbor there is a two week anchor also at Isthmus, 4th of July,Cherry cove and White's landing but there is no such rules for most of the rest of the island.

The Istmus is always looking for people with boating skills they prefer people with Captians license but the closer summer gets the less picky they get also the mooring for employee's are no longer free but the fees are reduced. You can contact the Isthmus harbor patrol at 510-310-4210.

I'm living aboard in Avalon working for Vessel Assist, it pays much better than the Isthmus.

Good Luck

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