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davejean 11-06-2000 02:58 PM

Availibility of propane
I''m presently fitting out our boat to go cruising.We''re switching from a diesel cook stove and a diesel/keresene cabin heater to a propane stove and heater.
I''m wondering about the availibity of propane
throughout the West Indies and South America.
Getting our 20# tanks refilled,and if they use American or European fittings?

BobRivard 11-28-2000 05:47 PM

Availibility of propane
I read your message about propane. I found Propane in St Thomas, Tortola and further down no problem. The problem I had was with aluminum bottles. They put an additive in that corrodes aluminum and have a prohibition about filling aluminum tanks in some places. Propane is very abundant throughout and I never heard of fitting problems. Bob

capedory30 12-01-2000 12:09 PM

Availibility of propane
So, did you take aluminum bottles? Did you have any trouble getting them filled? Would you advise one to take two kinds of bottles or just the steel ones?

einar 12-02-2000 04:14 AM

Availibility of propane
Hi there lucky one.

I am a swede , and based in Stockholm just now , but me and my wife have been out there
18 years ,in two diffrent boats , the first a
31 foot wood , and the second a 43 foot steel
we have used propane around the world , and never have we had any problem to find gas, we
are using the P11 bottle of europ standard ,
they use the same fitting as your american standard, the P11 stands for 11 kg. witch
translate to 25 lbs , and we have two of these , and living aboard fulltime ,will last 4 month, but we still use our Newport
heater for warmth.
we have filled our bottles in sweden ,canary
isl, panama , suva fiji , in aussie land we had to rent a bottle and fill over , as they donīt fill uncertified bottles, mauritius,
south africa ,brasil and the I donīt think that you have to worry.

enjoy life.

BobRivard 12-04-2000 04:02 PM

Availibility of propane
Just the Steel Ones. The aluminum ones came with the boat and I ditched them eventually. I was touring in 85 and they did fill them then but later on they stopped so I switched to slightly bigger steel bottles. They are the ones for twenty bucks you can buy for outdoor grilles. Keep them painted!

BobRivard 12-04-2000 04:06 PM

Availibility of propane
Yeah Swede Family ever need help moving the Boat send me E-mail. Look me up on Sailnet.BobRivard 37'' O''day BVI West Indies

Bob Rivard

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