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Zanshin 02-25-2007 06:09 AM

Any St. Kitts & Nevis / Anguilla experiences?
I'm fortunate in that I'll be escaping the cold and rain for a long time bumming around the Caribe as of the end of this week. I've had people here tell me that I will regret not watching at least one match of the ICC Cricket World Cup so I'm making plans right now and the closest venue is going to be on St. Kitts and Nevis. I've looked at my charts and checkout out Noonsite's pages but welcome hints and suggestions.
I've gotten several days of instructions on the complex rules and stratagems involved in cricket - but will probably just spend the day in a drunken stupor and enjoy the general ambience. Luckily, all the games are just 1-day ones.
The next stop is going to be a bit further down-island to see some guy called Jimmy B. at a small venue on Anguilla. I got a recommendation to anchor in St. Maartin and take a ferry since the anchorages are small - does anyone who has been there concur?

Waymar83 02-25-2007 02:03 PM


Havn't been there but, as a Canadian (i.e. cricket = :confused: ?) in Georgetown, Guyana, which is also hosting part of the CWC, I can tell you that the Commonwealth Caribbean is going to be a zoo during this period - right through to the final in Barbados at the end of April. Lots of parties, lots of Rum etc.

I would say forget about getting any work done at any time during this period. (This includes work on the boat - nobody is going to focus on anything useful)

Worth going to I'm told. I was recommended to buy tickets beforehand as (these same cricket fans) tell me this is the most watched sporting event after world cup soccer... You should be able to get the tickets online...

Faster 02-25-2007 04:15 PM

We're just back from the St Vincent & Grenadines and Grenada and can tell you that this thing is HUGE down there.

Hotel accomodation is likely to be non-existent unless it's pre booked already.

Like Waymar, I think the first hurdle is going to be trying to figure out what the H they are up to on that field - unless you're an expat Brit or Aussie <g>

Charlestown in Nevis is a very charming spot, the best anchorage is a bit north, off Pinney's beach. At St Kitts we stayed in what appeared to be a new (in 2003) marina in Basseterre just off the Cruise ship terminal - good access to town but a bit of a bunker. The anchorage across the bay near the Customs was quite busy when we arrived.

While at Nevis there was a "regular season" cricket game - ferry loads of spectators showed up, all dresssed to the nines- even this seemed to be a major social event. The world cup will be crazy!! Enjoy!

Zanshin 02-25-2007 04:27 PM

Thanks for the advice. For the opening round matches I was amazed to find that the most expensive tickets were US$40; going up to $90 for the semi-finals. I'm tempted to sail down to St. Vincent for the opening match of Oz vs. England (again, only $40 for the top tickets) but 400 miles is a long way to watch a game where I only understand some of the rules. Luckily, last year I was living with 2 British expats who explained much of the game to me during the exceptionally exciting Ashes where England finally won the cup (of ashes) back from Australia. It should be fun, even if I'm sober! I'd like to anchor out at Nevis if possible but it sounds like it will "rather crowded" {using the English understatement}.

Chuteman 02-25-2007 04:50 PM

Been There
If you prefer, we can exchange PM or e-mail for nitty gritty details.
But here's an overview.........
I've done 3 anchorages on SXM + primary on Anquilla.
Grand Case - (NW) my favorite town (french feel + lots of food choices) but less favorite on the hook = rolly especially with NE winds + anchored in front of town /main dinghy dock. Maybe better if further north tucked in behind bluff. It's a big flat bay + winds come thru cut in hills by airport (yes GC has small airport) which tends to get a wind vs wave movement going in the anchorage.

Marigot - (W) Less favorite town but favorite anchorage - Modern marina avail for water (higher concrete docks so fenders have to be high & prepare for interesting departure if winds are blowing you onto dock) , fuel (diesel), showers, laundry, internet, etc........we anchored in the bay & bought a "Use Pass" which gives you access to marina services (still have to pay when required ie; showers) & security (bonus) @ dinghy dock. Bay is big but protected from swells of normal winds. Can be noisy at times due to bars & off shore breeze but not that bad. Can also be shallow in places especially going into marina area but the channel is marked.
Ferries go in & out on north side near marina so there's traffic but easy to avoid by anchoring just a little south away from that. We used our dinghy to zip all around from there ie; Simpson bay is about a 10-15 min Dighy ride depending on where you are going, also gasoline is avail via dinghy (not marina in '05) plus there's a cute waterside area of Marigot that can be accessed too (turn north after going under TINY BRIDGE that you also use to get to Simpson bay)

BTW - Simpson Bay (S) is huge & I'm sure it is crazy in the winter from what I read..............we never tried to enter with yacht due to location (south access bridge) vs our route. But they have multiple marinas, bars, restaurants and Marine services scattered throughtout this large area that is easily accessed by dinghy from Marigot..............night navigating (we did day+ dusk) by dinghy is tricky unless you have a bright light to see + be seen.....lots of boats anchored or moored everywhere.

Chuteman 02-25-2007 05:06 PM

Part 2
I broke into pieces to avoid timeout on & learn the hard way

SXM con't
Orient Bay (NE corner) - Less favorite location & anchorage - I anchored behind Ile Pinel..which is a very small island. Shallow getting in here gotta pay close attention to chart + cruising guide. Protection is much less than previous given windward side. Beaches in the area are very popular so many more jet skis, swimmers, etc than charter boats. I only stopped here because it was close to base for return early the next day. It is also close to TinTinmarie which is a small barrier island where sun bathing al fresca is abundant.

Anguilla - Road Bay - (north) Very Enjoyable stop + very good anchorage - the anchorage is protected due to shape. We anchored over near the wreck passed the comm'l dock to avoid the traffic & noise of beach bars-main town. The comm'l dock can generate noise too but overall it was fine.
They do have a unique Fee schedule when checking in = staying in Road Bay vs visiting other parts of the country via your yacht (adds cruising & park fees). So we kept the boat in Road Bay & used our dinghy to zip around the the water within about 6nm or so. It was Carnival time so renting a car, etc was tricky. The island has great beaches & very good snorkling..also a nice break (quieter) from all the activity on SXM.....I will definitely go back

Need more - let me know.:cool:

Zanshin 02-25-2007 05:39 PM

Chuteman - thanks for the advice and info. I sailed to SXM my last trip, mainly because I couldn't get a real espresso in the BVI and needed real coffee and some baguettes. I sailed upwind through a storm! I also needed to go shopping at Budget Marine. I broke their record - I bought a new dinghy and new outboard and, just over 5 hours later, they were stolen. I even had the dinghy tied + chained to the boat. I anchored outside the south bridge since I missed the opening times and someone must have have seen me depart the store with my new acquisitions. I didn't even unpack the oars on the dinghy; all I had left for a couple of thousand dollars was the patch kit and a single reserve spark plug as well as the manuals.
I rented a car and drove around the island, but I was really vexed with the local PD because of their inability to take my report. I didn't expect them to find the dinghy, I just wanted to document the fact that neither was in possession in case they were used to commit a crime.
I never explored the anchorages the way you did, I'll do that again this time around, taking your comments into account.
How many sailboats can fit into Road Bay in Anguilla? The JB concert has a limited audience, but there might still be a lot of sailboat showing up for this event.

Chuteman 02-25-2007 05:49 PM

Road Bay Fit
SXM = damn, that's a crazy story...............that whole Phillisburg/Simpson bay thing was not for me = too busy, bridge thing, etc..........sure it's a thief's paradise.

OK, onto to more positive things.............Road Bay is pretty big. It's very popular for Carnival (8/1) and many boats come over from SXM. They were jammed into bar/beach area (ie;Johnnos, immigration, etc) . I'm trying to think of another one to compare to.............reminds me of Roadtown with out the long channel coming in ........seems bigger than Cane Garden Bay - deeper & rounder

Here's a short video clip I just found.........scroll down to screen aka Sandy Ground

Just found a photo that does a better job:

I was to the left (out of frame) of the wreck (bottom) and there was plenty of room behind me.

Due to strange fee structure many yachts skip anguilla and many powerboats + cats gather very close to beach (top slightly left) rafted up and double/triple parked leaving the rest of the bay available for anchoring with swing room..........that yellow comm'l boat is at the comm'l dock and the beach goes away toward the wreck & beyond so the crowd does not come down that way.
There was plenty of room during Carnival which included Island local sailboat races (big fun & very entertaining) was full of noise but it was Carnival.........
Ask away if you need more.

Zanshin 02-25-2007 06:08 PM

That looks quite nice. Is the holding good and is it a rolly anchorage? Is that an inland mosquito breeding ground on the right of the picture?

I'm planning on heading all the way down island for Mardi Gras - T&T. I might skip Anguillla but my visitor is a big JB fan and I've always been a pushover for the "weaker" sex (whoever came up with that term obviously had little real-life experience).

Chuteman 02-25-2007 07:15 PM

Thought it was Fine
Holding was very good..................sand if my memory is right......I was there for 3 nights and we got pushed around with a couple of squalls without any problems..........winds mostly 060 to 120.

Rolly - not at all with the wind directions we saw. The harbor does not have a huge entrance & it's not flat/ it has a hook around the east side which blocks waves coming across the top of the island it's hard for waves to enter unless the wind was blowing out of the North.

Just peeked at the concert details:
Wow, 3,500-4,000 people @ $100 a piece
Sounds like a lot of charter (big Cats) bringing over many plus ferries. Noticed the venue is @ Rendezvous Bay which is on the south side closer to SXM.....that will cut down on the crowd at Road Bay ....sounds like they are making arrangements to handle immigration @ Rendezvous (although they were overwhelmed during Carnival - not sure daytrippers even tried) so unless they want to stay or hang out at RB reason to travel around to RB.

Mosquitos - Don't remember any problems on board...........especially when wind blowing......think we may have used repellent in the evening on the beach (no see-ums, et-al).

Crew Requests - humm.............know what you mean..............could be nice if a big Parrothead fan jump one of the big party cats from SXM with rum flowing so you do not have to worry about anything & concentrate 100% on her = score big points.............then off to T & T

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