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memills 02-06-2002 10:51 AM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
Would appreciate any recommendations for small sailboat models (about 27'' and under) that are good for local cruising / overnight stays.
These features would be great:

-- can easily place an outboard motor on the transom
-- dockside power -- and electrical outlets inside
-- refrigerator
-- enclosed head, bildge pump
-- trailerable (maybe a centerboard instead of a keel)

Any suggestions?

-- Mike

kestrel268 02-07-2002 04:58 AM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
Try a McGregor...the new models are quite interesting $25,000.oo(CDN)

EtherCat 02-07-2002 01:23 PM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
kestrel: do you mean the MacGregor 26X?

my first boat was an early 70s MacGregor 22; despite its resemblence to the Catalina 22 (which Ive never sailed, but being in the Benehuntalina category) it carried me over 3000 miles up and down the ICW, and brought me safely through weather I had no right being out in.

Ive been aboard the 26X at boat shows & was impressed, but never sailed one. They are water-ballasted motorsailors which can take up to a 50hp outboard, with very roomy interiors, but I couldnt say anything about the quality of construction, other than Id consider their 22 to be of average quality (Ive sailed and worked extensively on 3 of them)

thorsten 02-07-2002 05:28 PM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
I read about the suggestion of the 26 McGregor..... Let me say I dont like her.
Saw a couple with 50 hp motor planning and behaving almost like a jetski. At the time there was no wind and everybody was just sitting there and watching them in disgust.

But boy the picture changes when the sails are up and the motor up. Than EVERYBODY else runs ( sails ) circle around them because they are SLLLOOOOOWWW.

Sweet revenge I guess, but its supposed to be a sailboat, right.

There are thousands of used older boats on Sailnet. If finances allow, check to find a 23 First Benetau. Nice boat kinda pricy maybe. Than they are Santana''s and a pletora of others. I also like a ranger 26. Some C@C are nice and offer more room inside, but than it becomes tough to trailer them.

ps. try to find out what the PHRF rating for the boat is. Somewhat you can see how fast she is that way. The higher the number the slower she is.

of course you dont need to race her, and probably have no intentions, but it is very nerving when you get passed all the times.

Have fun looking and much luck

kestrel268 02-20-2002 01:47 AM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
I''ve never owed a McGregor I sail an Ericson..just was impressed with the room and... I''d thought a 25hp would suffice and I''m sure she''d do well reaching as cruising off a trailer let''s you go where the wind isn''t always coming from the bow of the boat
Happy Sailing
ps:the one I saw in a showroom in Hamilton Ont had a 150hp o\b stuck to the stern?????

bporter 02-22-2002 11:33 AM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
There was someone around us here that had a MacGregor 26. I didn''t care for the look of it. Can''t say I ever sailed it or even watched it much, but I never understood a SAILboat being marketed by how fast it can go under power.

I guess some people are into them, but I''ve looked at how the boat sails first, then ask if the iron genny beefy enough to get me home eventually.

Anyway, if you are looking for PHRF info to get approximates speeds, where is a good list of base ratings:

Even if you are not planning to race, you will be able to get a feel for the relative speed differences for the various boats. It''s not going to tell you how fast the boats will go, but it will let you know things like a Macgregor 26 is closer to a Tartan 27 in performance than a Melges 24 <g>.

walt123 02-22-2002 05:17 PM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
Look up Cascade 27 from Cascade yachtd of Portland Ore

troyaux 03-13-2002 11:19 AM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
I have a ''83 Macgregor 25.... Its in nice shape. Since you put so many miles on a 22, do you think it would be unsafe to sail a 25 to the bahamas from florida? or to the keys from tampa?

How was the boat on the icw?

tsmith409 03-15-2002 02:09 PM

Good, small cruising sailboat?

Pangaea 03-16-2002 04:55 AM

Good, small cruising sailboat?
Isn''t the MacGregger supposed to be a fresh water lake boat?
Myself, I wouldn''t dare cruise one in salt water. (MacGregger owners please forgive me).
My suggestion is that there is alot of possibilities out there. Read some books, talk to alot of people and basicly
just educate yourself further and since
you want to cruise, try to buy a boat that is meant for the trials of salt water.
Good luck
Dennis L.

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