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xavier6162 02-12-2002 02:23 PM

Crusing -Catalina or Newport
Iíve come to this site because Iíve been told itís the best place to get advice. My wife has decided that the time is right for me to have my own boat. Here is my problem. Any amount that I spend on a sailboat, I have to also put back into upgrades at home.

No problem. But this means that I have to keep my purchase below 20K. Iíve sailed aboard a lot of very large racing machines to know that I only want a small cursing boat. Small enough to single hand (motoring or sail) which I plan to do a lot of. I''m very much looking forward to enclosed heads and standing headroom, among other benefits of a "proper" cruising boat. It must also be small and stable enough to teach my kids to sail. I''ll be using the boat for weekending and coastal cruising from Baja to the Bay Area.

Iíve looked at several boats but would like options on the Catalina 27 and 30. The Newport 28 and 30. Or on any other boat you feel would be a better fit.

bporter 02-12-2002 03:38 PM

Crusing -Catalina or Newport
I can''t give you much feedback on those specific boats, but can give you some other info. often is a helpful place to look to get a sense of what you can get for the buck. Those are pretty much all broker boats, if you can find a direct/owener sale you may get a little more mileage for your dollar.

Also - if you can SPEND 20K that is not the same as buying a boat that costs 20K. There is always a certain amount you need to put in your budget for repairs, upgrades, fixes, and various odds, ends and gewgaws that you don''t realize you want or need now. Depending your your preferences, you should plan on a percent (maybe 10-15) of what you spend on your boat on top of the purchase price to bring it to where you want to be. Think bottom painting, commissioning, safety equipment, etc.

Be forewarned also that there are those that will heap abuse on you for even suggesting that you buy a "Benehuntalina". I feel you may ignore them; to me it screams that these guys are not looking at the boats themselves, but deciding that the brand simply merits derision because it is a mass produced product. As a Beneteau owner I feel that the boat choice is up to the buyer, and ''80 Catalina 30 may be a better choice for you than a ''72 Pearson or Tartan.

One thing with older boats - be careful on upkeep and maintenance needed. My first boat was a 1966 Tartan 27, cost me $3K. She was sound, solid and sailed well, but needed a lot of clean up & painting. Getting into it, I had NO idea how much TLC she needed. It was a shame, but I simply did not have time to give her the care needed, and she started deteriorating faster than I could keep her up. Lovely sailing boat though, but I could never keep up enough to bring her condition to where it should be.

So - moral of that story, you can get into a decent boat for what you want to pay, but watch condition and quality carefully. The probablility of a higher quality boat surviving into it''s 30''s in good shape is better, but you have to look on a case by case basis.

BOUNTY311 02-22-2002 07:59 AM

Crusing -Catalina or Newport
I bought a Newport 28 (''78) 5 years ago from a private owner. We sail out of Buffalo, NY.
The boat was in excellent condition when I bought it, and I have added pressure water and rewired the boat from mast head to keel, just because I wanted breakers instead of fuses. This winter I have replaced all of the gate valves with seacocks, the gate valves work fine and are origional, but you do not know if they are fully open or closed.

We do weekend trips to Canada and Pa/Ohio. The boat is sound and easy to singlehand. There is pleanty of room for the two of us (I''m 5''10'''') and have no problems below decks.

I have looked at the Catalina 310, and was impressed, it is set up more for a crusing couple, than a family. but a nice boat, east to handel.

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