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rgartley 03-27-2002 12:19 PM

Hudson River to Patuxant River

Any information willing to be shared referencing the above journey? Beginning early May 2002. Hudson River, out along the Coast of New Jersey, Delaware Bay, C&D Canal and the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks

halyardz 03-28-2002 12:41 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
Be prepared to "go slow" and have heavy traffic on weekends...might be doing more motoring than sailing.

rgartley 03-28-2002 03:29 PM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
Thanks, Jim. I do anticipate that it will be a less than Type "A" typical sojourn. I have a Honda Four, 5hp and am in no hurry for land (sea) records. Essentially, the whole trip is a classroom. I only sailed fresh water (Ontario, Champlain and Sacandaga Lakes). Enjoy the Holiday weekend.

devildad 04-17-2002 03:29 PM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
You can go inside from Manasquan to Atlantic city, it is beautiful before the green flies come out in July. Stay at the city marina in AC, little room to anchor. Then on to Cape May on the outside, fixed bridges inside. Good anchorage near the Cape May Yacht Club and a few good Marinas. Lots to do. Go up Del bay with the current, it makes a considerable difference and try to make it to Chesapeake City on the Canal for the night, there are few choices, one marina on the north side. The anchor basin is small and crowded during certain weekends. Once you are in the Bay, things really pick up, Baltimore and Anapolis are the gems, but there are a million things to see. swimming is ok above the bridge but sea nettles are present below.

halyardz 04-19-2002 06:27 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
Devildad, what are we talking in terms of the time for the major legs? Isn''t that Del transit pretty long & boring? Is outside an option there?

schoonerman 04-22-2002 06:24 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
Going up the Delaware Bay to the Canal is about 50 miles, a daylight run as long as you use the current. Be prepared for an ugly piece of brown water with flat scrubby shoreline in the distance. A massive power plant dominates the north shore for much of the trip. However, the Canal and the sights on the Upper Chesapeake are well worth it.

Going outside is easy in good weather. It took me 48 hours from the Statue of Liberty to Norfolk last summer.

If you have a choice, I''d go up the DB and through the Canal.

rgartley 04-22-2002 09:02 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
Thanks Schoonerman,

I will be coastal along NJ, except to duck in and drop anchor for overnight or weather. I worked at those Nukes years ago.

rgartley 05-02-2002 10:31 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River

From Manasquan to Atlantic City on the ICW - is no problem with the mast up (about 35'')?

ondro 05-13-2002 07:34 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
I''ve done the toms river to chesapeake bay twice last year - if i could skip the delaware river i would....i sailed it at night last time...leaving cape may canal at 2.30 am. the del. bay is usually rougher than the ocean. but what a nice relaxing motor thru the c-d canal. stop in at chesapeake city inn and marina for a bowl of bisque. great sailing south on the elk river and down to annapolis...lots of barges and container ships though

rgartley 05-23-2002 10:59 AM

Hudson River to Patuxant River
The weather sent me back to Upstate!!! With 40% of the time lapsed, I had 20% of the distance covered. The conditions were too severe for the little Blue Eagle and it''s 5hp aux. Visually, it was wonderful. A beautiful journey down the Hudson River. High winds/seas, rain, hail and very cold temperatures simply ran the clock out on me. What an experience. Most of the waiting was for small craft warnings to be lifted in the lower NY Harbor.

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