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Old 08-02-2002
Junior Member
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mikedoyle is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice


Not to bring us all back on point, but I''ve got some strong recommendations for research. If you''re both educators, then I imagine you are looking to rifle through as much solid information as I am.

The aforementioned "Sensible Cruising" book is definitely a must, as is Jim Trefethen''s "The Cruising Life" and if your book budget plump, grab Liza and Andy Copeland''s "Cruising for Cowards". These books are great foundation-builders and will give you direction on other areas you will want to study.

My personal favorite source over the past year or so has been the weekly logs of Ithaka. The editor of Cruising World opted to go cruising with her husband, and they have written and posted online their log which started with their decision through to preparation, launch, and adventures under sail. It''s a real-life window into one couple''s experience, and I urge you to start at the beginning and work your way to the present.

The log is broken into two pieces (Cruising World updated their web site along the way, leaving 70 or so logs behind), but you can still see them all. First, go here:

When you are done there, go to: esNum=31

[you''ll have to reconstruct that web address, above, as it is wrapping]

And, well, once you are hooked you''ll find the rest on Cruising World''s site.

''Hope this helps you and anyone else reading along.

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Old 08-02-2002
Junior Member
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whaleman is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

hi graycie,
By all means go - and keepo it simple.
I have done a bit of crusing and I''m getting ready to do it again.

By the way: Most Europeans around the world
rent out their houses/apartments
to help make it happen!

Read Annie Hill''s :
''Cruising on a small budget''

your size boat is right.
Bigger is faster and a bit more comfy but also much more expensive to outfit and repair.
And while the big guys are hanging out in harbors waiting for parts etc
you''ll be sticking your noses into places where bigger boats fear to tread...

In January of 2000 I sailed my ''Spatz''
into the fishing harbor of Lebu, Chile - the first foreign boat there EVER.
On the westernmost atoll
in the Pacific Ocean
I was the first visitor
the four natives had seen in 2 1/2 years....(in 1996).

I wish you luck and fun!

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Old 08-03-2002
Senior Member
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kimberlite is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

you have an amazing website GOOD FOR YOU !!
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Old 08-06-2002
Join Date: Jan 2001
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ABullard is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

Each of us have to decide what is life''s important business. Unfortunately many let other people tell them what is important or use our materially obsessed world as an excuse not to step out on faith.

There is safety in doing what everyone else does. No one will ridicule you for being "normal" and boring.

We are in our final stage of getting out there. We sold our house last month and are moving aboard our Mariner 39. Many people think we are nuts. Cannot understand why we want to give up all our "stuff" and go cruising. Actually getting rid of the stuff reduced a lot of the stress in our lives. Full closets cause stress. As we closed on the house sale and started closing accounts I was shocked at just how many people I was giving money to every month so I could live in my house "just like everyone else." We aren''t cruising yet and we have already reduced monthly expenses by 30%. It is sick how many people think you can''t live without TV.

My wife and I are in our early 50s. We have college educated 3 children and been able to buy what we think is the perfect cruising boat. We established a plan 10 years ago and stuck it on the refrigerator door. Believe it or not we have stayed with 6 months of the original plan.

So ask a lot of advise, but do what your heart tells you to do and make a plan. What are you really risking? Not much really, you can always move back ashore and be right back where you are today in no time. Taking a little risk and being unusual is what makes life interesting.

Let everyone else live their lives through movie stars and soap operas. They may die old but they will die bored.

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Old 08-30-2002
Junior Member
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LUCASSHOTTS is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice


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Old 08-30-2002
SailorMitch's Avatar
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Location: MD
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SailorMitch will become famous soon enough
Cruising Advice

There are a bunch of folding bikes out there, many of them quite expensive. I have a Dahon Mariner mountain style bike with 26 inch wheels. I wanted larger wheels for going a distance and for ease of going up hills. It has 21 speeds. It folds up pretty well and fits in a bag that I keep below when I have it along. I singlehand on a 27 foot boat so it''s easy for me to work around it. It''s not heavy but is bulky to get up the companionway.

The Dahon can unfold and be set up in about 3 minutes. it''s sturdy, too. People usually gather around when I''m setting it up. No one believes there''s a bike in that black bag.

I''ve had it for 2 years and bought it from Boat/US for about $300 as I recall. I used one of their 10 percent off coupons when I bought it. If you go to a bike specialty store you can buy even lighter ones -- for about $600-$1,000.
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Old 08-30-2002
Join Date: May 2001
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sailorman_10 is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

“For the truth is that I already know as much about my fate as I need to know.

The day will come when I will die.

The only matter on consequence before me is what I will do with my allotted time.

I can remain on shore, paralyzed with fear,


I can raise my sails and dip and soar in the breeze.”

The quote above is haning on the wall in my office (aka prison). I caught the sailing bug relatively late at age 40. By that time, I had obligations that I could not in good faith walk away from. I would love to cruise till I didn''t want to any more but cannot at this time. None of my family shares this dream. Shall I leave them behind? I think not.
I resolve myself to sailing in the lake every chance I get.... Imagining that as I round the next point, I enter the open sea. But alas, I am never more than a half mile from the shore.

If your desire is to go, and you have the buy-in from your spouse and the wherewithall to make it happen, by all means....GO
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Old 10-18-2002
JohnYates's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2001
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JohnYates is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

The one mistake cruisers make is that they sell their house. After 2 or 3 years of cruising they run out of funds and go back to work. But, after this time, can''t afford to buy back the house they left. If you''re fortunate to have a good rental market, you''d be far better off in the long run to rent the unit. With a positive cash flow, you''ll even be able to extend the dream.
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Old 10-21-2002
Junior Member
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silentfaith is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

For a weekend of information and knowledge you should go to WWW.SSCA.ORG and try to make it to Melbourne Florida Seven Seas Gam in November. You might even find your boat there as there will be about 600 cruisers there.
Cpt. Craig
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Old 10-23-2002
Join Date: Apr 2002
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tho52mas is on a distinguished road
Cruising Advice

I have some good reasons. Keep doing what you are till you have a retirement nest egg. Next: there is Willie, who died at 50 from cancer. Also there is Maureen Pierce, Roberta Gallagher, Stan Jamroz, and a host of others who wish they could have gone, but are now dead. THen there are my sisters, Mary and SUe, both of whom had kidney implants to keep them alive. ANd that is all they are, alive. Mary, the healthier of the two, sailed with me once this year, and couldn''t get down the stairs to go to the bathroom. My point...You only will regret the things you didn''t do in life. But use common sense too.
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