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ianhlnd 01-04-2008 07:11 PM

Cruising or Midlife Crisis
What to do, what to do? Hopefully some more experienced than I can help me decide my current conundrum. Midlife crisis if I live to be 128.

Gales, broken rigging, failed regulator, bad fuel, failed refrigeration, and now my first mate heads back to the states to have her hair done. Well, there was something about Drs. appointments, and closing on the sale of her house. But, now being alone for 3 days, I'm wondering what other cruisers would do. I haven't been without feminine companionship for more than one day my entire life, and the girls here are really photogenic; and friendly.

She's smart, interesting, pretty well off (really well off), young, Irish, and fair to look at. Do I wait til the end of the month when she's booked to return, or do I revert to the horn dog I really am and go for the pootie. I know someone out there has gone through the same experience, IN NEED OF HELPFUL ADVICE.

Here's a small picture of her, cropped, of course, like I said, she is fair to look at, and at coming on 64, I 'spect my good looks and robust body will start to fail, well, in about 10 years or so:D


camaraderie 01-04-2008 07:38 PM

Ian...based on the FEELING I get from your post...she sounds like a keeper. Wait.
We can get used to pictures of just "one bum on yer bow"...tho she seems to be better suited to the figurehead.

Freesail99 01-04-2008 07:44 PM

It has to be those satin sheets ......

ianhlnd 01-04-2008 07:50 PM


"...tho she seems to be better suited to the figurehead

Thanks Cam, I think she is a keeper, but . . .. As for a figurehead, even though theyve been reduced from EEE to DD due to back problems, that still puts too much weight on the bow.:cool:

I'm just wondering at which point I start trying to gum hard boiled eggs (I still have my own teeth) and if this wouldn't be a good time to break it off. Where's Dr. Laura when I need her? And the girls here are really wonderful.

There's got to be some old farts out there with the same problem, C'mon I need experienced advice, the silk sheets are a separate thing, I'm allergic to cotton:D :D

teshannon 01-04-2008 08:07 PM

Looking at the picture I'm having trouble feeling any sympathy for you. Jelousy yes.

PBzeer 01-05-2008 12:24 AM

In a Zen kinda way, that you ask, is your answer.

sailaway21 01-05-2008 12:58 AM

The thought of loneliness in the declining years so does concentrate the mind, does it not? Most of us eventually promote the relief Chief Mate to permanent status. The training alone required to break in a new one can wear you down. I met mine after I quit the sea and wasn't really sure if I was in love with her, but found I couldn't imagine not having her around. Turned out that my notion of love didn't matter a hill of beans compared to the comfort I got from being with just the right woman. I suppose I'm in love. I know I'm lucky. And, btw, I'm really happy.

erps 01-05-2008 01:08 AM

I've been with my high school sweetheart for 31 years. I tease her that I only promised her 50 but I think if I posted half naked pictures of her on the internet I'd soon be cruising the high school parking lots with candy ;)

badsneakers 01-05-2008 01:14 AM


Originally Posted by PBzeer (Post 245739)
In a Zen kinda way, that you ask, is your answer.

Zen never looked THAT GOOD!!!:D

Stick with her Ian!

ianhlnd 01-05-2008 07:17 AM

Good advice all, still not decided. S'way, it's not 'specially the thought of lonliness in declining years, rather, the prospect of being with only one woman, and all the others yet to be met. I guess the feminine side would say that's "shallow" but the masculine side says "Oooga booga booga booga"; I've lost the English translation.;)

Beezer y'er right very zen-zoidal. Oh, and not half naked, there was a tube top down there, cropping gives the impression of half nude and imagination does the rest.

So anyway, there's a couple Canadian hitch-hikers going my way, this may be the crew I need for the Sea of Cortez crossing, they look photogenic, but don't know bow from stern, but a pair of eyes at night are always welcome.

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