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DDudley 07-25-2002 01:09 PM

A request for help from the media
Greetings: My name is David Dudley, and I''m a freelance magazine writer. I''m working on a piece for "Modern Maturity" magazine about people over 55 who manage to pursue expensive avocations (collecting fine art, sailing, world travel, etc) despite comparatively modest incomes. Towards that end, I''m attempting to locate an mature sailor (or a sailing couple) on a small budget who might be willing to reveal his or her financial tips for sailing on the cheap. Boat ownership is such a famously cash-intensive pursuit, I''d like to hear what methods, if any, the non-wealthy out there have devised to get on the water. Ideally, I''m not looking for someone who lives 24/7 aboard their craft; instead, I need an enthusiastic and very frugal hobbyist of limited means who sails on weekends and might take a few longer cruises every year. Following modern journalistic convention, I''m presently trawling randomly through cyberspace in the hopes of netting such an unlikely individual. I''d be grateful for any assistance the folks on this board might be able to render.

Many thanks,
David Dudley

Manateee Gene 07-25-2002 03:56 PM

A request for help from the media
Put an e-mail address up. I have a couple of friends that fit your requirements.

DDudley 08-06-2002 10:39 AM

A request for help from the media
Oops--thought my e-mail handle was included. It''s

halyardz 08-16-2002 04:03 AM

A request for help from the media
David, as a former journalist I wouldn''t be seeking just one sailor or one couple. Pick two or three and get a variety of views. I fit your description, so do hundreds of others. There are different issues. Buying the right boat on a frugal budget. Maintenance. Outfitting. Actual cruising. etc.

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