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DeborahLee 09-27-2002 02:47 PM

Did The Delmarva
Well, we did it. We took two weeks. First 4 days were spent in Baltimore at the Southbound Cruisers reunion. It was fun. Friday, we "motored" to Engineer Cove. 4 am on Sat we headed out the canal, down the Del. Bay, and over to Cape May. Long Day.
We stayed in Cape May from Sat afternoon to Tuesday morning due to the rain. We got an open window for Tuesday and Wednesday for clear weather. So, 7am Tuesday morning we set out down the coast. Very Cool Indeed.
There was no wind and we did only 3.5 knots for several hours. The the iron jib was raised. We took shifts. Not equal shifts, just shifts. I was so excited, I wanted to see whales, dolphins, anything. I got three butterflies and a dragonfly! And a dozen seagulls kept me occupied for an hour while they dove in for breakfast. We did it alone without any other boats. And there were NO other boats our there that night. Well, the Coast Guard did pull up while my husband was on watch to see if he had seen any flares that were reported south of Chincoteaque. As a matter of fact, he had. But, he noticed how high in the sky they were, and told the Coast Guard that he thought they had come from planes for testing. The Navy Base is not that far away.And I, of course, slept right through the excitement. It took us 27 hours to get down to the bridge at Cape Charles. And another 4 to get to the World Renowned, most exciting place in the whole Chesapeake, Cape Charles Harbor. We spent one night, then sailed up to Tangier. From there, we had the best sailing day ever up to Solomons. Until a Navy boat rushed up to us and asked us to head to No Point No Point cause they were going to do some testing at the buoy we were going past. Up to Soloms for 2 nights, then headed back to Cambridge and reality. It was an awsome trip and I appreciate the info I received from the message board. It was helpful, really!

Deb Northey

SailorMitch 09-27-2002 03:42 PM

Did The Delmarva

Congrats on the trip and thanks for the report! It made great reading. I''m glad it went well for you two. Taking 2 weeks to do it is awesome, too.

FYI, this past June I was run off my course by a navy boat coming out of Solomons while they did some practice bombing runs, or so the guy said. I was on my way to Crisfield and had to head south to make them happy. And I never saw one plane after that!

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