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artbyjody 02-14-2009 10:46 PM

Considering - San Diego from Seattle
Having being a victim in the economic freeze (which is a direct by product of the Seattle freeze if you ask me)... I am thinking of just hocking everything - keep my Airstream - my boat and move down back to San Diego. I used to live there when I was in my military youth - somehow - the fact its always above 50 degrees and well - just a different place than Seattle... any advice... I'll be sailing down and try and fool friends to drive my RV down... Looks like the only live aboards areas are in the Chula Vista area now a days...Advice from the locals?

Boasun 02-14-2009 10:54 PM

You will be in the trough most of the way... But stopping at many of the unique seaports on the way would make your trip very interesting.

uspirate 02-14-2009 10:55 PM

jody, off the RV as well if you can live without it. we'll be there soon too

BOLTER33 02-15-2009 12:32 AM

Shelter Island area has one new marina that just opened. All the marinas in harbor island and shelter Island have quite a few live aboards. You might get a slip then in a year be able to get live aboard status. You do have a motor home. Chula Vista is less expensive.

Faster 02-15-2009 02:03 AM

Friends just did the PNW-Mexico jaunt - took their time and discovered many of the hideyholes along the way... if you've got the time perhaps that's the way to go.

Too bad, if you do go, I think you've been an asset to the Seattle sailing scene!

djodenda 02-15-2009 11:37 AM


Moorage fees will kill you down there.

And, we'll miss you.


artbyjody 02-15-2009 05:58 PM

Just thinking of options. Trying to make a go of the - re-invent yourself. I think coupled with the fact that mid-life crisis thing (turn 40 here in another week) - loss of major thing I have been doing for awhile (but knew it would come to end eventually - just thought it would my decision). So, it is kinda one of those moments where you start thinking of the options.

David - the moorage fees in SD are par with what I pay here in Seattle actually. And thanks - I'll miss ya too if that is where I go.

It is not a time based rush decision, things change as quickly as the changes that cause one to change... (tongue teaser there)...Just reality gets in the way of the fanciful life thing - and probably doesn't help that I am not sailing right now (week number two of umpteen on the rigging)...I was kinda surprised my response to someone that volunteered their boat to go sailing and my reply was "I just really want to sail mine - I need to know I am in control of something". Which somewhat describes why maybe many of us do sail - as it is certainly not a hobby of definitive instant gratification (ie: usually small on space, victim of tides and currents, and certainly not a point A to point B - NOW kinda thing)...

So, I am just looking into it as I figure in three months if the tides do not change - I'll have to grapple the reality that life often is. Luckily - between the boat and the Airstream - I have options as they are paid for (as well as everything else that will never fit between the both of them)... I think as part of the mid-life crisis and grappling with the un-easiness I feel currently - maybe the change of pace is needed and the fact that if I just do - then things will be different because they are forced to.

Bolter: Shelter Island - access in and out of the cove to the Pacific is governed by bridges yes? I am doing the research of areas and with a mast height of 52' - that is a consideration...

At any rate (and thanks Faster btw)... time will tell - just mulling things and doing the required research. When I lived in San Diego I was military and always loved the culture, access to beaches, mountains, deserts, etc... but I never boated there. Done the RV thing a few times but they were always usually at Pismo (sp) or Newport Beach... Can't really sell the RV as I want back-up number two in case something ever happens to the boat... Realistically thinking - its kinda mobile real estate that at any time I can get my money back out of (which is why I own the Airstream to begin with)...

At any rate - considering things, there are maybe some options here in Seattle that'll keep me here - but as with all things you do when you do the re-invent - "It takes time" and not quite sure time will be as friendly as it has been in the past...

BOLTER33 02-15-2009 06:18 PM

No bridges in San Diego Bay , except Coronado Bridge which must have 200 ft clearence. Shelter island is in san diego bay. Now, Mission Bay where sea world is , does have many bridges. There are some slips outside of the first bridge, but mission bay is officially "NO LIVE ABOARDS".

evb 02-16-2009 10:51 AM


With you teaching me the basics of sailing and all, I figure I owe you more than a few beers. If you decide to head south and need an RV driver I might be able to help. I've made the trip a few times and have driven plenty of trucks with trailers..

On another note, hopefully I'll be able to crew again soon. Have had a series of midterms and have gotten involved with the school sailing organization. Pretty busy lately.


CharlieCobra 02-16-2009 12:15 PM

I hear ya on the freeze Jody. My gig I've been on for almost 5 yrs ends on March 30th. I'm looking out there too.

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