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c172guy 12-19-2002 12:53 PM

sea kayaks
We have a couple of sea kayaks that we might take cruising. The problem is that they are about 17'' long and weigh about 60#s. Does anyone have any experience with sea kayaks on sailboats??? Can you tie them to lifelines??? I have got into mine from a dock but never from a boat especially with waves. We enjoy them a lot but I''m afraid that they might be too much trouble. We are shopping for a boat right now. If you are using sea kayaks please tell me the type/size of boat. We are looking for a 30-35'' boat.
Thanks Tom

sailorrest 12-19-2002 01:15 PM

sea kayaks
I have had extensive experience with ocean kayaks and long distance trips on same. My advise is that on a typical mono-hull boat you do not, repeat, do not want the kayaks tied to the lifelines or stanchions . The surface area they present in unacceptable in any sea state. Put quite simply they will tear your lifelines off and take portions of the hull with them. Dealing with problem at sea with endanger the crew and the boat.

I do however believe that sea kayaks make a wonderful diversion for exploring while cruising. If you must take them I suggest you tow them. A small drogue off the stern of the kayak in the form of Clorox bottle filled with water will cause them to track straight and surf down wave fronts safely. Tow the kayak at least one wave “period” behind the mother boats. (when the mother boat goes down a wave the kayak goes down the wave set behind the boat.) The cockpit on the kayak must be enclosed where the spray skirt normally goes, these are available for transporting the boat on top of cars in a upright position.


thomasstone 12-20-2002 05:41 AM

sea kayaks
Garhaurer makes kayak racks that attach to your stanchions that keep them clear of the decks , but it probally wouldnt be very safe offshore.

SloopSailor 12-20-2002 07:20 AM

sea kayaks
You might want to look at inflatables. There are some very nice ones on the market. Check out this site to read about them.

Johnrb 12-20-2002 07:21 PM

sea kayaks
I''ve always referred to them as folding kayaks. I agree there are some nice ones - particularly Feathercraft ( They are expensive however.

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