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hayesemily 01-24-2003 11:20 AM

St. Johns to Azores-Atlantic crossing
We are planning on leaving in late August from St. Johns to Azores. Does anyone have similar plans? It is our first ocean crossing, so it would be nice to be in touch with another boat on the same route.

WHOOSH 01-24-2003 12:53 PM

St. Johns to Azores-Atlantic crossing
Emily, I know this isn''t exactly what you were asking for but, where I you and looking for others planning an August crossing, I''d start asking that question on the morning Net before/after the Safety & Security Net and before David Jones starts his drone about the wx. There''s a huge crowd listening in and I''d bet those who are considering a crossing would be included.

Excuse me for saying this but are you really thinking of departing the Virgins in August, right as the storm season kicks into active mode? I''m sure there are schedule considerations that shape this for you, but wouldn''t June be a much better month to depart? You''d even stand a chance at the festival in Horta at month''s end.


hayesemily 01-26-2003 07:19 AM

St. Johns to Azores-Atlantic crossing
Thank you, but I''m unfamiliar with how to access the morning Net program - could you give me some instruction about that? And also thanks a lot for your words of concern-I should have been more specific, I meant that we are leaving from the city of St. Johns in Newfoundland, not in the Virgins. Thanks again for your help! Emily

WHOOSH 01-27-2003 12:27 AM

St. Johns to Azores-Atlantic crossing
Ahh, not the St. Johns I expected. My comments about ''the morning Net'' are not applicable due to your distant location from the Caribbean - sorry.

Have you posted a similar question on the SSCA BB? ( That seems to be a likely place to connect with other long distance cruisers. Also, I''d consider posting a note with the Cruising Club of America (, a very active long-distance cruising group. You won''t be able to access the member'' section but perhaps a general query can result in someone posting a note on your behalf.

Good luck on your crossing.


hayesemily 01-27-2003 03:11 AM

St. Johns to Azores-Atlantic crossing
Thanks a lot, I''ll give those a try!

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