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newuser 03-06-2003 10:50 PM

Is Crewing Safe?
Hello! My wife and I are contemplating crewing for passages. It seems that there are always boats looking for crew, and we wanted some insight on how safe crewing is, things to watch out for, and in general, the experiences of others that have crewed for boat owners who were strangers. We believe for the most part that the sailing community is comprised of honest, trustworthy individuals, so we''re not overly concerned. I guess we''re looking for insight on being crew, and how prevelant crewing is on the sailing scene. Thank you.

ocean_lady2003 03-23-2003 01:04 PM

Is Crewing Safe?
Crewing is as safe as you want it to be. First of all is it a matter how to choose your ride or what you want.
Getting paid on a bigger yacht is mostly the safest. But there it depense mostly on your experiance and references to get a job like this. Also taking it as a job as deckhand, stewart or cook you will get some where but you will miss the romance you may expect cause you end up working. If you don''t mind it''s a way to go. One good thing on this kind of crewing is that you are official crew and what ever happens the boat has to take care of you. They can''t just leave you
in the next harbour while you had a argument with the owner or the skipper. As fare as you are on long range cruises and in a foreign country they have to pay for your voyage at least back from where they picked you up.
Best bet to get something like this is hanging around in big marinas where big yachts pass through or start there voyage across an ocean. Good place is also the net. There are various sites offering pages "crew wanted". Beeing out ther for a while you learn to know people doing the same and jobs beeing dealed in the comunety.
Other kind of crewing is more like hitch hiking, hand for a lift like. Here is a bigger possibilety to get on a stranger. But also here it''s your joice to join or not. You usualy always look at the boat and the owner or skipper first before you step on. But on the other hand that you are two of you it''s more safe than on your own. Makes it a little bit more difficult to find somthing cause most boats usualy looking for one pair of hands. How ever, I think travelling this way is more fun and adventure if you can afford it.
All together, I think it''s more dangerous crossing a main road then crewing on passages. Always considering that you make the right joices concerning boat and skipper.

Have a look around in the marinas, ask for boats leaving for the big voyage, talk to the skipper and if you find something you like, just do it. It''s fun.

Happy sailing

wcshedd 04-02-2003 12:41 PM

Is Crewing Safe?
808 My girlfriend and I are going to move my Young Sun ketch from Marsh Harbor, Abaco to Eluthera, then to the Exumas, to Nassau and accross the Baamas Bank to Florida Keys from about 4/21 to 5/3. If you and your wife have some experience sailing and have some interest let me know and I can give you the particulars. Bill Shedd

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