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ImASonOfaSailor 07-25-2010 12:33 PM

Trying to decide
Well my story is I am 10 years remarried live in a suburbs near everything except water! I am now 40 seeing that time is flying by, i grew up sailing recently been introduced to multihul and love them, I am in the computer field for 10 years just got my BS degree, ..

i grew up on monos, but as a kid my dad had a sunfish, Southcost22, mirage27 Abbott 33
But now i am wanting to be single and live on a boat! Has anyone done this in my situation? My wife has no idea i am thinking like this, she will not go for it so i do want to run away!

bljones 07-26-2010 12:41 AM

Dude, what part of "mid-life crisis" do you not understand?

Man up and talk to your wife, not us. Seriously. A boat is not the answer to a relationship, although it may be the answer to where to live after you have hopelessly screwed up a relationship. You and she have some issues you need to resolve, now.

Arioso 02-09-2015 01:56 PM

Re: Trying to decide
I grew up on beach cats and had one again in the late 90's. It is a very athletic boat and might not be the boat to introduce your spouse to sailing. Sign up for a sailing class together . She can do basic keel boat and you can do Intermediate or Coastal cruising.
Beach cats dump easily and cruising cats cost a kings ransom.Look around... Wear your PFD!

SHNOOL 02-09-2015 02:30 PM

Re: Trying to decide
I'm thinking the OP solved his sailing jones, since that is a 4 yo post. Given that he's posted on here 397 times, I'd say solved the problem nicely as well.

By the way his story and mine sound VERY similar....

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