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Jeffamc 05-16-2003 12:12 PM

What about illegal drugs aboard (marijuana,ect)? When entering another country do they do search the entire boat very well?

928frenzy 05-16-2003 01:08 PM

Well, it sounds like you better hope not! :^(

Depending on the country, you may not have any problems, or you may have your boat impounded or possibly confiscated, or you may wind up in jail for a very long time. In some parts of the world, possessing illegal drugs is punishable by DEATH!

Also, keep in mind that US laws and protection (if any) are of no value or importance in most other sovreign countries.

Do you really want to take that sort of risk?

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

Sailormon6 05-16-2003 01:09 PM

How many years are you willing to spend in a Guatemalan prison so you can smoke a joint? Even though the authorities might not ordinarily do a search of every nook and cranny when a middle-aged husband and wife enter the country, they might do a more thorough search of a boat sailed by a young person, because he might fit the "profile" of a person who would be in possession of drugs. They might do an exhaustive search of your boat just because they want to make a "statement" that they are co-operating in the war on drugs. Regardless of what their usual or customary practices might have been, you can''t know what instructions their supervisor has given them for that day.

My drug of choice is Scotch, but I''d leave it at home if there was any chance I''d have to spend time in a foreign prison for having it.

Jeffamc 05-16-2003 03:19 PM

yea thats what sucks about the "war on drugs" people should be allowed to use drugs, yes it may cause health problems but if people know that then they should be allowed to use them. Natural drugs were put here by evolution/nature/god for a reason, shouldint go to prison for useing a plant. It just pisses me off

928frenzy 05-16-2003 06:26 PM

If you don''t mind a bit of advice, I recommend you refrain from making pro-drug use comments on this or any other public forum where law enforcement agents may lurk. Based on your remarks, a DEA agent could make a case to a judge to issue a search warrant of your boat, house, car, or whatever.

You have a right to remain silent. I suggest you use exercise that right. ;^)

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

pirateofcapeann 05-16-2003 07:55 PM

Yea, yea. I''ve heard it before, the natural line and the should be legalized stuff. The bottom line is that IT WILL MESS YOU UP! If you want to try something natural, sail naked. Don''t try to cross my bows with anything less then your full facilities intact!

jbanta 05-17-2003 01:57 PM

This is an extension of the chat we are having on the pacnorthwest board now. I for one think it is time to have some sort of licensing for all boaters. Knowledge of rules of the road, right of way, and safety have to be part of what every boat operator needs to have. I am sick and tired of jet skis thinking that every inch of water within thier fuel range belongs exclusively to them. And power boaters turning circles around me so they can show me how fast they are compared to me..BIG SHOCK..If I wanted to continue the pace at the office I would have a power boat too. Time these "boaters" learn the right way to use thier boats.

PBzeer 05-17-2003 08:12 PM

Why would you need drugs while sailing anyway? If you can''t "escape" the pressures, stress, etc., that make them necessary, by sailing, then I have to echo the pirateofcapeann and hope you never cross my bows as well.

Jeffamc 05-17-2003 10:00 PM

alcohol is a drug, most sailors drink alcohol. tobacco and alcohol kill more people then all other illegal drugs, so what is wrong with useing another substance other then the two that we are allowed to use by all the fascist governments of this world

jbanta 05-17-2003 10:26 PM

Just because the goverment doesn''t have a law prohibiting the consumtion of alcohol doesn''t make it ok to drink while sailing. Any mind altering substance while preforming any task that is by nature dangerous to your life and more importantly those around you should be totally banned. Now if you insist on using an illeagal drug would you please tell me where in the world you will be sailing. Maybe I can pick up a cheep boat. Don''t even bring up tobacco you should know there is twice the harmful ingredants in the illeagal drugs than in tobacco. It''s fame as a killer is the number of crazy people willing to suck in that death. So what is really WRONG with illegal drugs.. It''s simple.....Thay are ILLEGAL. You know we have a system for change in this country if it''s that important to you, work harder for change and don''t thumb your nose at the goverment (We the prople)...

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