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sailingsundance 05-20-2003 08:17 AM

Green sailor needs advise on docking, an anchor.........
I purchased a beautiful Edel 665 in March and have spent nearly every waking moment bringing her back to life…now that she is finished I am ready to go cruising but before I do I need some advise. First is about docking…Since I am relatively new to sailing and this is my first boat I could use the help. I have to go away for a few weeks this summer and am planning to leave her alone, I will have her slipped at the club in a well protected slip, what precautions should I take to make sure she doesn’t come loose, is this ordinary practice to leave a boat tied up for a week or more??? If so what is the proper way to tie her up. Second I would like to buy a second anchor, my LOA is 22’ and displace about 3000 what size would be good for a boat this size, the sea floor is mostly rocky. One last thing I can’t afford to buy a tender this season, what would you recommend in place???

DuaneIsing 05-20-2003 08:47 AM

Green sailor needs advise on docking, an anchor.........

With questions like those, it would be very helpful for you to buy and read Nigel Calder''s Cruising Handbook. Although his book is geared more toward larger boats, there is much good information in there. Perhaps others can recommend books focusing on smaller boats.

You should be able to seek out knowledgeable sailors in your club where your slip is located, and they can assist you with setting up your docklines. Every situation can be slightly different, but in general you will want to secure the boat so that it isn''t rubbing against anything, including your fenders, if possible. That means using 2 bowlines and 2 stern lines to the finger pier and outboard pilings.

To prevent fore/aft motion, use spring lines along the finger pier side. To prevent motion aft, cleat one end to the aft portion of the boat and run it forward to the pier near the bow. To prevent motion forward, cleat one end to the forward portion of the boat and run it aft to the pier near the stern.

You need to know the tidal range and allow for that when you adjust the strain on the lines. Watching for chafe on the lines can be important, but these details are best learned from reading good texts or firsthand instruction.

IMHO, setting up your docklines can be a very casual thing which works most of the time (and costs bigtime when it doesn''t), or it can be done with much forethought. The latter will not only make docking and tying up safer and easier, but will demonstrate your seamanship and give you piece of mind while you are away.

Good luck.

Irwin32 05-21-2003 11:15 AM

Green sailor needs advise on docking, an anchor.........
I agree and would add:
1. Don''t just drop a loop over a cleat - I have seen them slip off in surge conditions.
2. Chafe gaurd are important. Davis makes great ones that ccan be put on ofter your lines are adjusted
3. Don''t skimp on line - I would go 1/2'''' and not have to worry.
4. Boats are often left tied up for several weeks at a time.
5. Don''t skimp on fenders - 3 is enough, but bigger is better.

Check West Marine or Boat US catalog for anchor suggestions.

Check marina boards for an old hard dinghy - I''ve seen them cheap - like $50.

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