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prussell 06-06-2003 07:40 AM

Satellite Radio - XM, Sirius?
Has anyone had any experience using satellite radio on their boat? They claim they get reception up to 200 miles off the coastal US. They offer 100 channels, most which are commericial free. Sounds interesting but would like to hear from someone who has it.

Sailmc 06-06-2003 07:57 AM

Satellite Radio - XM, Sirius?
I have experience with both. I have XM on the boat and Sirius in the car. The sound and reception is great on both. The choice really is between programming. Sirius costs a little more than XM though. I prefer XM because of their programming choices. This is personal preference. Check both of their web sites and decide which channel line up you like. There really isn''t much of a difference otherwise.

prussell 06-06-2003 05:05 PM

Satellite Radio - XM, Sirius?
Did you go with the XM marine antenna? If so, where did you mount it?

wesk11383 06-06-2003 06:18 PM

Satellite Radio - XM, Sirius?
Well, the answer to your question is dependent upon two things. First of which is as mentioned programing. Second is a bit more complicated. As a commercial shipping engineer, we use the XM brand radio and believe it or not with some re-adjusting and trial and error (using satellite position plots) you can find the location of the satalite and with some continual adjustment have reception almost to the english channel (10 west to be exact), although you do loose the Fm buffer signal of course just a few miles off shore. This will never be published due to fcc licienses etc... So in short you have a tremendous range with Xm on the east coast, not sure about the west coast. Hope this helps your search for tunes offshore.

h20ski 06-07-2003 06:18 AM

Satellite Radio - XM, Sirius?
Sirius is much better- without a doubt!!! They have 3 satellites, XM only has two stationary- the 3 Sirius sats are in orbit almost directly overhead- much better coverage. Shakespeare makes marine antennas for Sirius- nothing for XM- shows you who they believe in. Also, Sirius has 100% commercial free music and much better programming- plus you get free online streaming included with Sirius.

Rich Morpurgo 06-07-2003 06:49 AM

Satellite Radio - XM, Sirius?
We used sirius all the way to Georgetown, Exuma and had news (war) and music all the way.

Of course they cannot say they transmit outside the US, and we had trouble finding out if we could get it in the bahamas.

I recommend it. It was on daily.

SV Jasmine

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