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salnan 07-14-2003 05:46 AM

Used charts
Found used charts and also some cruising ebooks for download at:
Cruising Connections

RichardM86 09-09-2007 05:36 PM

This link doesn't work anymore. Did the url change?

Sapperwhite 09-09-2007 05:40 PM

That's probable, since that post was from 7-14-2003.

However is still active.

Freesail99 09-09-2007 05:40 PM

Richard, the link doesn't work because it's 4 years old. Look at the date of the post !!

sailingdog 09-09-2007 05:42 PM


Please stop reviving dead threads...

Omatako 09-10-2007 07:36 AM


If you really want to get hold of the guy, his name is Tony Herrick and he can be found here:


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