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PerryD19 09-04-2003 02:44 PM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City
We have purchased a sail boat-36'' in Sag Harbor and are planning to return with it to Atlantic City via the Sound and down the NJ coast. The boat draws 5''. Can anyone recomend marinas along the way, possibly with overnight accomodations? We are especially concerned with a landfall on the first day since we expect to depart at noon and are figuring on a cruising speed of approx 6 mph. Any advice would be appreciated.

paulk 09-04-2003 06:55 PM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City
To do this trip without knocking yourselves out, make sure you''ve got the tide with you - especially through Plum Gut. From Sag Harbor in a day you can likely make Saybrook, CT, or possibly Port Jefferson on Long Island, depending upon the conditions.
The next day - leaving early, and again keeping the tide in mind - Stamford, Norwalk or Greenwich could be targets in CT. Northport, Cold Srpring, or Oyster Bay on the Long Island shore. Manhasset Bay might be a stretch, but that or City Island would put you closer to the city, where timing your arrival with the tide will be all important. Getting through Hell Gate and the East River means waiting for the tide to be slack and then favorable for you. You do not want to be fighting the tide in the East River with strings of barges riding with it zipping past you on both sides going the other way. Going with the tide at least allows you the time to see the other traffic and avoid it. For specific marinas & anchorages on Long Island Sound, the Embassy Guides have pretty good info. Someone else will have to add their $.02 for beyond Manhattan. Happy new boat!

BarryL 09-05-2003 08:41 AM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City


Here are some links for you:

Your first day will be the toughest, onsidering you will have to go around Orient Point. Once you round the point, your only harbors are Mattituck, then Mount Sinai and Port Jefferson. They are not that close. Depending on when you leave Sag Harbor, you may want to stop in Greenport your first night, then start early the next day for Port Jeff. Once you reach Port Jeff, there are many places to stop.

Good luck,

PerryD19 09-05-2003 09:08 AM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City
Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. The more I think about it however I wonder if I wouldn''t be better off, assuming decent weather, just going to Montauk for the first night and then outside to AC. What do you think?

camaraderie 09-05-2003 11:31 AM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City can do that on a good forecast but I''d make DARN sure you''re fuel and filter /engine is in great shape. Often with a new boat there are lots of little foul things growing in the diesel and this tends to get stirred up at sea which would not make getting to AC very easy! If you have confidence in the fuel system then the trip is not difficult and saves a lot of time.
If you tak the Sound route...suggest stopping in Manhasset Bay before going under the Throgs Neck and Hell''s Gate. From there you can time the tide nicely and get a nice run down to Sandy Hook for your next anchorage. Good luck...GB

rads 09-05-2003 06:11 PM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City
You have received some good information about LI Sound. We have had good experiences at Brewers marinas in Westbrook, Branford and Stanford. Also Excellent facilities at Milford Landing Marina. A good stop would also be at City Island depending on the time of favorable tides in the East River. As far as NJ is concerned the Atlantic Highlands Municipal marina has very good facilities, moorings and maybe slips asl has a launch service. Next stop would be Manaquan River. Inlet is difficult with a following sea otherwise OK. Stay at the Shrimp Box. It is usually a free tie up if you eat dinner there. Next stop would be AC. Good luck. The Embassy Guide is an excellent resource with phone number and hailing channels.

devildad 09-12-2003 02:38 PM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City
I have gone the blue route from Block to Cape May. It is much quicker, just wait on the weather. I have also gone from three mile harbor to Cape May going through NY. Stop along the north coast of LI sound, lots of anchorages/marinas. Then overnight in Port Washington and await the tide in the East River. Alantic Highlands is a great lay over and it is reasonable to hit AC the next day but you must decide by Manasquan. After AC the next stop is Cape May, there are inlets along the way but they all can get difficult. In Cape May you can anchor off the Coast Guard Station. Where are you heading next?

mdougan 09-15-2003 08:59 AM

Sag Harbor-NYC-Atlantic City
I''d head outside of Long Island. Once you get below Sandy Hook, look into places to stop over in New Jersey.

I sailed up from Florida on the outside, and in the section from Cape May to New York, I sailed between the North/South shipping lanes in the traffic seperation buffer, which kept me free from any major traffic.

The ride down the Long Island Sound, through the bridges into the East River, then over to the Hudson, out the Verazanno, around Brooklyn and out to Sandy Hook will really take a lot out of you, and you''re not going to be doing as much sailing as you would outside, and, as others have mentioned, you''re really going to have to plan for the tides, not just going through Hells Gate, but also for going out through the Narrows (at the Veranzanno bridge). You don''t want to slog through 2 kts of current all the way to Sandy Hook :)

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