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duchess of montrose 02-26-2012 01:57 AM

Revised plans for the summer cruise to bermuda
I posted earlier about how i am planning a cruise to bermuda and about the suitability of various modifications to my boat now im wanting some routing information. The plan has kind of changed a bit the goal od bermuda has become more open ended im planning on going to bermuda and if it goes well proceed to the azores, and across to europe and then into scandanavia (norway) now i am actually more inclined to leave from halifax not new york because it will give me more time to test out my various systems, and such and since the boat is pretty new to me ill get more of a feel for her handling though im pretty sure that small craft advisory in georgian bay gave me a pretty good idea of how stable she is in stronger though not strong winds but what im wondering is i should leave halifax by june 1st if im correct but how about leaving bermuda what month must that be done and when it comes to the european weather im at a loss for knoweledge. Would u recommend going thru the english channel and across the north sea to stavanger and up the coast or off the coat of western ireland and across that zone where the north sea the norwegian sea and the atlantic converge and up the norwegian coast any thoughts. i am aware the north sea and the norwegian sea have some nasty weather also i will be checking passage weather before the trip and i have an ssb transciever to talk to herb and a navtex onboard thanks and the legs will all be contingent on the previous one so if bermuda goes badly ill just head back to canada

Geoff54 02-26-2012 04:06 AM

Out of Bermuda, once you get past the end of June you are getting into hurricane season. I’d try to leave Halifax in May or even April to give myself a break in Bermuda but still clear out in plenty of time to avoid the possibility of an early hurricane.

If I read you correctly, you will be setting off without a serious test of your boat and equipment. Do you really want to use a 750 mile ocean crossing with notoriously unpredictable weather as a shake down cruise?

As far as routes and route planning for anywhere, buy World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell. It’s the bible for long distance passage planning and worth every cent.

duchess of montrose 02-26-2012 04:21 AM

id assume going to bermuda if i leave june first and just stop to repair/restock on water would allow me to leave by june 8th or so no? and well id assume the trip from georgian baythru the bruce peninsula down lake huron, lake saint clain the detroit river lake erie the welland, lake ontario the saint lawrence seaway and the gulf of saint lawerence that 1600 im guestimating kilometers should be sufficient to be a shakedown cruise ive also added a list of my proposed additions modifications some of which have been made some are still in progress... my ideology also is that i want to have not one contingency plan for every single system but at least 3 unless that system would require alot of weight added to duplicate 3 times

duchess of montrose 02-26-2012 04:28 AM

by notoriously unpredictable weather are we talking 35 40 knots 20 foot seas here or force 12 and 45 foot seas neither is preferable but i think i could manage 35 40 knots ok not so sure about the latter, but yes i beleive the getting to halifax part of the voyage should be sufficient to test the various systems also if its cutting it to tight to be going to bermuda then to azores because there may be early june hurricanes would going straight to azores a better option or arcing down towards azores a good option, the problem with that is that i really feel more comfortable with the smaller distances involved in a standard milk run route i will definitely pickup the book, have you done the trip before can u advse me of what to expect/what can go wrong weather wise im already aware of the shoals in st georges harbor

Geoff54 02-26-2012 06:11 AM

Sorry, I had just seen this thread, not read your other posts.

You shouldn't encounter force 12 unless you get caught by a hurricane, in which case you might not survive in a 30 foot boat anyway. A lot of good sailors in sea-worthy boats died in the '79 Fastnet and that was "only" force 10-11. It sounds like you might be underestimating "35 40 knots 20 foot seas", especially in a small boat for an extended period.

Take a look at this thread and actually watch the videos. He was crossing NY to Bermuda in November, which is regarded as a good time to go, just after hurricane season. Unpredictable is just that - unpredictable.

A lot of people have a smooth ride but some sustain damage. I would allow time for a rest and to fix anything that breaks.

duchess of montrose 02-26-2012 06:26 AM

that was mostly my point i know i would most likely die in force 12 though so would alot of boats, the bulkheads would crack and then the deck would ome into the hull and ur finished, so avoiding hurricanes, passage weather or whatever its called should at least be able to tell me hey theres for 10 winds there within the next week going today probably a bad idea...and i will have ssb to talk to herb for weather rotuing and a navtex is a week enough time to rest i cant really move the departure from halifax earlier than the last week of may because where my boat is the channel doesnt unfreexe till late april beggining of may so that gives me just enough time to get out to halifax also i saw that video, i thought it was pretty lucky actually with the exception of the ******* skipper of the steelhull his autopilot held up really well though, im taking 3... but all in all it seemed rough but it never seemed like his life was in imminent danger. im guessing the bermuda to azores portion would be bengn compared to the halifax to bermuda portion because its in a much lower lattitude? ive pretty much made sure the boat is 100 percent up to the task theoretically and then fitted about a billion ways to fix her on board... and obviously have quite a distance to test all her new systems... im aware 20 ft seas in a narrow 30 footer can be quite miserable so id like to avoid those conditions but my point was that i know is survivable unless there are unforseen weaknesses in the boat or crew, or one of those lovely shipping container decides to flirt with your hull.

Geoff54 02-26-2012 07:36 AM

O.K. – I’ve got work to do. Final thoughts for the day (In my opinion, for what that’s worth).
Leave as early as you can so that you’ve got as much time as possible to deal with the unexpected.
“im guessing the bermuda to azores portion would be bengn compared to the halifax to bermuda” - Don’t underestimate Bermuda – Azores, Neptune punishes complacency.
As I said previously, World Cruising Routes is the long distance bible.
Reeds Nautical Almanac is the "go to" reference UK/Europe. (mini charts, harbors, tides, routes, waypoints, weather, local requirements, etc., etc.)
Be flexible.
Have a great time.

duchess of montrose 02-26-2012 07:48 AM

well thanks for the help, ill definitely be purchasing those two books from amazon/chapters, ill try to stay out of neptunes wrath, sorry neptune :p im definitely flexible the only thing thats hard and fast is i want to stay out of the way of hurricanes, and get there at some point but reeds sounds quite helpfull would it have information on scandanavia too? but thank u for the advice

Geoff54 02-26-2012 08:18 AM

I just had a thought and did a quick check. You need an International Certificate of Competency to operate a leisure vessel in Norwegian waters (as well as some other places you might visit). There might be an exemption for a US or Canadian registered vessel but I don't think so. I know RYA and IYT can issue them - don't know about CYA. You might ask Jackdale, he's an CYA and IYT instructor. Sorry if this has been covered in another thread.

duchess of montrose 02-26-2012 08:24 AM

is thart like the yachtmaster certificate? all i have is my intermediate coastal cruising after that i decided just to learn on my own, how do i hunt down jackdale to ask him, im not super good at figuring out how to use all of sailnets features..

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