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lobosolo98 09-28-2012 09:02 AM

Cruise to Honduras and LT Stay
Friend of mine has been investing in Roatan Honduras. He bought a time share condo, then a second share. Now he is buying a bar. Just last night he called and asked me to sail down and run his bar as an investor. I've worked in the bar business, I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years, and I speak Spanish. He thinks I can double as a day charter captain on my boat.

Several questions:

Does anyone have information on how long my boat can stay in Honduras, whether a US boat can charter there, and/or information on making it legal - then one day returning to the US. My Costa Rica experience tells me that most things are possible if I use US $ to hire locals to crew.

From New Orleans, Cancun is almost due South. Has anyone made the passage South in the Spring? And would due South be the best route.

What about marinas and services. Surely I can get a bottom job in Honduras (I'll need one next year).

Has anyone applied for a permanent residency in Honduras or know about the regulations for staying. I feel sure that I am only counting the bar money and keeping the books (again hiring local for the beer slinging, cooking a cleaning) that I bar will not be a issue.

I read that a visa is not required but you have to leave the country every month. Is that two another country? Or just to international waters?

Capt.aaron 09-28-2012 09:42 AM

Re: Cruise to Honduras and LT Stay
We have a house in Guanaja Hond. ( next isalnd over) And I sail there often. We owned a bar in Isla Mujeres for a spell ( until Wilma took it) For residancy you need a lawyer from la Ceiba and some money. I ran my bar in mexico with a local partner so the money I took in was under the table. I left every month any way so my 90 day visa would be renewd. you'll have to register your boat in Honduras to charter it, very expensive. I do it some times under the table in Central America,. trick is not to walk up and down the beach with flyers and do sun set sails right in front of every body, but get people out and off the grid for a day or to, running people over to Guanaja would be perfect for this. Adventure tourists, back packers or sell the trips to people in the states who come down specifcaly to "Visit" you and the locals will be none the wiser. when I've stayed down there for years at a time, once evey couple of months I would take a bus trip to Guatemala and have lunch, come back in and renew the visa. Your boat you'll have to sail to the Rio Dulce and back to renew it's clearence, but you can ask for extensions. As for the trip down. You want to head for the west end of Cuba not Cancun, Form Cancun
( actually Isla Mujeres is where you would Clear in to Mexico) south along the coast you are bucking a 3 knot current and it takes day's to get to Belize where you'll have to clear in and then sail south in side the reef to stay out of the current and from southern Belize motor sail up wind 120 or so miles to Roatan. It's best to hit the west end of Cuba from New Orleans and sail due south from there to Roatan on nice beam reach in one 3 day shot, out of the current on the east side of the Yucatan Channel in the trades.

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