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Jgbrown 11-24-2012 09:13 PM

Any Vancouver liveboards want to be a part of a project?
A partner and I are doing a book on live-aboards in Vancouver for school, it will be on display in the gallery in the Maritime Museum. The covers are cored fiberglass, with vinyl lettering, Maury Cooper drew up the titles, which will be re-created in vinyl and my partner interviewed him as well for the book.

We're shooting photos that will show the idea of living aboard, without making it feasible to ID your boat, you, or the location, beyond the fact that both exist, to anyone who hasn't spent time aboard. A shrewd viewer might be able to tell the type of boat, but little beyond that, and it'll be one photo per boat for the book.

We have some basic questions as well, and will be including some excerpts from interiews we'll be putting in a log book style page with a cost breakdown, part of the reason for the book is to bring up the flaws in the live-aboards are just 'squatters' avoiding any expenses of living, and that living on a boat doesn't require work or expense.

The book will be pretty sparse initially, with only a month of lead time to have it done, we are building a framework that can hopefully be added to as time goes on.

We're especially looking for well kept boats, there's so much negativity, caused by the mental images of derelict boats floating around, that we really want to bring up the idea that boats can be a good place to live, and since everyone only ever sees the outside for the most part, we want to show people what the inside of boats look like, rather than the standard view everyone has of them anchored out or moored in slips.

wingNwing 11-25-2012 05:49 PM

Re: Any Vancouver liveboards want to be a part of a project?
Does it have to be Vancouver? Here's a slightly modified version of something I worked on for a piece on small space living for CNN: Life Afloat Archives: Small-Space Living ... Afloat would it be useful?

Jgbrown 11-25-2012 10:14 PM

Re: Any Vancouver liveboards want to be a part of a project?
For the moment, yes, we're focusing on Vancouver/BC lower mainland, as it's essentially impossible to live-aboard, unless you've been a live-aboard for a long time with a grandfathere'd slip, or if you anchor out in some fairly nasty areas. So the book is really focusing in a way on the people here, in their boats, and the idea that a boat can be a home too.
For now, at least this volume is more of an artist book, though that may change.

We're struggling with a few issues for the book, at least I am. I find that the really good images, often leave the boat looking fairly small/dark/cluttered when the reality is the opposite. I'm concerned that this isn't conveying the impression I am looking for, the problem is that most of the people with the really nice boats(good examples of live-aboards!) aren't really keen on having their pictures taken, due to the issues around liveaboards here. Exactly the type of problems that have been created due to how Vancouer handles liveaboards in the first place, where they push and push until the only people left are the ones who will ignore the rules/pressure or haven't anywhere else to go.

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