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Joellen 02-13-2013 11:26 PM

Holding tank size
We need to replace the holding tank, our boat came with a 12 gallon tank and we are refitting for cruising long term. We can fit a22 gallon in and keep a drawer or loose the drawer and put in a 38 gallon tank but will have to a lot more work to put it in. Does a cruising couple need 38 or will 22 suffice. Feedback anyone

Lake Superior Sailor 02-13-2013 11:33 PM

Re: Holding tank size
Just because it will fit what are you going to do with the extra payload! (weight).By way way, Welcome!...Dale

Atlas 02-13-2013 11:49 PM

Re: Holding tank size
If you're at or near a marina, just get your holding tank pumped as and when needed. When passagemaking, it flushes out directly to sea. So why do you need a big(ger) holding tank anyway?

celenoglu 02-14-2013 01:35 AM

Re: Holding tank size
Turkish regulations request 2 liters per day per person for two days. This might be a good start.

PorFin 02-14-2013 11:06 AM

Re: Holding tank size

Suitable tank size depends a bit on your cruising plans and your crew's preferences/habits.

I'd recommend you start your analysis from another direction: How often will you have access to pump-out and/or off-shore dump options?

FWIW: We've got a tank that's about the same size as your current one. We lived aboard for a couple of years. We did the Loop, though we did have a few extended stays in several locations (Brunswick, GA; Marathon; Oriental, NC; Holland, MI) -- and the only time the holding tank size became an issue was when we were on the Black Warrior stretch of the Loop above Mobile, AL.

Alex W 02-14-2013 11:47 AM

Re: Holding tank size
Don't forget that a very large holding tank (like 38 gallons) will also require considerable structure to hold it in place in rough seas (or in the worst possible case, a roll).

A 38 gallon tank will weigh ~400lbs when full.

Personally I'd rather have useful storage than another 18 gallons of crap...

killarney_sailor 02-14-2013 12:11 PM

Where do you plan to cruise? This can have a big impact on holding tank size.

svHyLyte 02-14-2013 02:52 PM

Re: Holding tank size
You might want to take a look at RMBOA Blackwater Holding Tank Calculator

Cruisingdad 02-14-2013 04:24 PM

Re: Holding tank size
Our use is 1-3 gallons, per person, per day. I would plan on two gallons, per person, per day as a good average. And as you are cruising, just remember, there is not a pumpout at every stop. And when you find them, they often do not work. And when you find one that works, you better get ready for a nice charge. We got charged $25 for out last pumpout. So if you have to pump out twice a week, at $25/pop (which is very high, but I am making a point), how does that sit for your cruisin budget? Truth be known, most pumpouts are in the 5-10 range, but likely run higher in the keys.

I think for a couple, I would go for the 38 gallons holding tank.

We are fulltime cruisers.


ellenwhite2 02-14-2013 05:20 PM

Holding tank size
We have a 15 gallon holding tank. With 2 adults aboard, we pump twice per week. I would go bigger......hmm. maybe that was poor choice of words....

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