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northoceanbeach 02-21-2013 02:56 AM

Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
I saw a really nice one for sale for my spring and summer of cruising puget sound. It's small, but I'm pretty good at small.

I could always go with something like a Catalina 25-27 like I had planned, this one is just do nice.

I have no interest I. Trailering not does it come with a trailer. Are they hardy? Good quality? Or just too small. I do have to fit provisions, but not weeks worth. I have a road bike an I have clothes. The normal cruising tools and such. That's about it. I'll do a lot of gunk holing

SHNOOL 02-21-2013 07:37 AM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
The compac 19 is a terrific trailerable. It's tough, and stable, and very seaworthy for it's size. Short trips of 1 or 2 overnighters are probably fine. Getting pinned in a blow, maybe not so much. A Cork is 100% buoyant, but you wouldn't want to bob on it in a 3-5 foot seas. But for a gunk-holer the C19 is a great choice.

Alex W 02-21-2013 09:39 AM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
It is hard to carry a road bike inside a Catalina 25 without it getting in the way. Where are you going to carry one on a 19' boat? A folding bike is a different story.

Gunk holing in Puget Sound is going to be a lot more fun if you can go for more than a couple of nights.

northoceanbeach 02-21-2013 11:18 AM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
I'm going to go for more than a few nights. I thought the boat was too small.

sailortrash 02-21-2013 01:50 PM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
I absolutely loved mine. Great boat wonderful under sail. easy to trailer. Great for camping style overnighters. Have fun enjoy i really wish i still had mine.

jasenj1 02-21-2013 03:44 PM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
Here's a site by a guy who went through the selection process and ended up with a Com-Pac 19. Worth a read.

Alex W 02-21-2013 04:22 PM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
northoceanbeach: I think you can go for more than a few nights in it. I've camped for a week out of a kayak where I also had to carry all of my water, and any 19' sailboat has more room than my 18' kayak (with 20" beam).

I just doubt that you could do so and find room below to store a full sized road bike and an inflatable dinghy (which is also very helpful for cruising Puget Sound).

northoceanbeach 02-21-2013 07:40 PM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
Ok I guess in having trouble deciding on a boat.

I've spent a couple weeks in puget kayak camping that wa fun but I want to stay longer and sail this time. It's hard to decide on a boat. There's not that many under $5000 listed right now. There's a couple US 25. An oday 27 they keep hanging the price of and a couple of questionable $2000 boats.

I'm thinking that now is the time to get in there an get a good deal and stays board for a month or two getting the hang of it in a marina and then take off web it's a little out of winter.

The com PAC is the nicest one I've seen(except for a beautiful sannjuan 24 that was sold when I called). I wasn't thinking anything that small but it looks great so I thought I'd put it into consideration. I wish I had more choices. I'd really like a nice cal 25 but there aren't any of those.

The summer I went up ti kayak was in June an by that time all the cheap boats had been picked clean so I've got to get something soonish. A least within the next month. Any ways to find one raises craigslist?

I'm looking for in order of importance:

Sound hull
Good standing rigging
Recent haul out
Good motor
Good running rigging
Nice interior
Accessories(because if it's bare, those accessories will cost you more than the boat)

The ones with nice interior IMO are usually worse sailors because thy have a nice interior because they've been used as a liveaboard an not as a sailboat. If I see. "needs a new bottom because I've used it as a liveaboard for years". I immediately click away.

As for size. I can do small. But I need a boat tht can handle a little rough wether should spring drag on too long. Or I need a boat that, not cross oceans, but should I decide to go up Into Canada it can do that.

I know I'm asking a lot for little money but I know if I look hard and be patient I'll ind the right one. Like that beautiful San Juan. Oh! It was listed since January but when uncalled a deal was underway. It was nice. I'm jot there yet, almost but not yet, but if I was I would have snatched it right up. Maybe there will be another. I've heard they are common up there. There just aren't a lot of options on craigslisy now.

I suppose another benefit of a com PAC would be that if I leave in fall ad can't sell I can trailer it home an kit have to sell cheap.

Alex W 02-21-2013 11:13 PM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
A friend just sold his Catalina 22 and that would have been a possible candidate. He took it up to the San Juans for two weeks last summer (I was there at the same time) and found it small, but do-able. It was a fin keel model which opens up the interior a bit. He sold it for $3500 with a nearly new motor, sails, and recent bottom painting.

Figure out a good craigslist search. For some reason many people don't ever use the word sail or sailboat when putting their ad together. When I was shopping my search was something like "sail* | genoa | spinnaker | sloop | jib".

This Catalina 25 looks like a pretty good deal based on the ad:
25' Catalina Sailboat - Tall Rig

I'm not a huge fan of the swing keel, but the tall rig is nice here in the summer when the winds are light. The Catalina 25 that I had was a tall rig, fin keel, and it was a nice small cruiser. There is a good amount of interior storage due to the double sized quarterberth.

Otherwise CL looks a little dry at the moment (you already mentioned the large numbers of US25's). I will say that last spring it seemed like there were good options up until May.

northoceanbeach 02-22-2013 12:52 AM

Re: Com-PAC 19 for summer cruiser puget sound
I saw that Catalina listed. I guess boats are going quick up there now. I wouldn't have thought there would be many buyers yet. May I ask if e got the full $3500?

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