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PalmettoSailor 03-28-2008 10:34 AM

Going to see a CS36T
We'll the proverbial "hen's tooth" has turned up (as in "rare as hen's teeth") and I'm going to look at a 1979 Shoal Draft CS36 that just listed almost in my back yard.

It is the first and only CS36T I've ever seen listed in my area, and other than a really sad example of a CS36M, will be my first look at a CS boat. The boat looks to be in pretty good condition and was supposedly owned by a writer for one of the sailing mags. It would be easier to get the wife excited if it were a later model, but after reading the reviews online she agrees we should go look at it. I hope to go see it this weekend but the owner may be working on it and then I'd have to wait till next week.

Anything in particular I should look out for with this model/year? I understand they were prone to blistering and rudder delamination and the wiring may not be up to snuff, though the broker mentioned it had been "upgraded". Don't know if that means a full rewiring or what, we'll see.

I think my wife pretty much has her mind made up on what boat she wants, so this has become something of a long shot, but at least I'll get to see one and know what I passed on, if it turns out not to be as nice as we hope.

Maine Sail 04-11-2008 09:52 PM

I own the sister ship..
I own the sister ship to that boat. Feel free to show your wife these photos if you'd like!

1979 CS36T Shoal Draft

camaraderie 04-11-2008 10:02 PM

Mid...if it is in good shape...promise her anything, beg, grovel, etc. :D

PalmettoSailor 04-12-2008 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by camaraderie (Post 298956)
Mid...if it is in good shape...promise her anything, beg, grovel, etc. :D

Unfortunately, the boat was really showing its age and didn't really look much like your boat Halekai. :( The interior had some recent attention, but the hull and deck were pretty rough. While the deck looked pretty good over all, there was some gel coat cracking around the mast step that might just be cosmetic, but maybe not. I also noticed several of the lifeline stantion bases were cracked through and the standing rigging, while not showing any meathooks, looked pretty old and the chainplates and turnbuckles showed a lot of corrosion. These factors, coupled with the price and a lack of some big ticket items we really want on our next boat (like refridgeration) convinced us this is not the boat we're looking for, though if it could be had at the right price, it could be a good fixer upper for someone with the time, skills and inclination.

We're still looking but we've pretty well seen everything in our price range available locally so we're starting to think in terms of missing this season. The owner of the C36 that my wife really wants (which we made an offer on a month or so ago) continues to hold out, though he's had no addtional offers above ours, and the season is here so its likely none will be forthcoming. I suspect it might be a situation where someone really doesn't want to sell, but listed the boat to appease an SO.

sailortjk1 11-11-2008 12:17 PM

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