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HBBurlington 05-09-2011 01:23 PM

CS30 Thru-Hull Fittings
Need some help from fellow CS30'ers...
The owner's manual does not diagram where all of the thru-hull fittings are.
This is a 1987 new-to-us boat.
Can anyone please advise?

Thanks in advance,

chamonix 06-30-2011 12:44 PM

Through hull for toilet fill under vberth on starboard side. For both sinks (galley and head) in the cabinets directly underneath each sink. For the engine its underneath the aft berth on the port side of the bearth near the engine. For the toilet and engine you need to lift up the mattres and you'll find wooden covers over access hatches to the throughhulls. The hatches in the vbearth will give you access to your depth sounder, knot log and holding tank. Hatch in the aft berth will also give acess to your shaft coupling.

HBBurlington 06-30-2011 12:51 PM


So, while I have your attention....the head has a shower. The floor drains
verrrry slowly.
A neighbor of ours suggested that there is a valve that operates that drain,
and also a drain that is in our fridge.
The fridge is holding water from melted ice...

Any idea where this might be, and how to adjust it?

Or is this two different issues?

The drain in the shower could be all munged up and dirty.
I think we'll need to check the pump and see if it has a filter that needs cleaning.
The fridge is not original. Surveyor suggested that someone has replaced it with a McGyver model. But, the drain must be universal...right....hopefully...?

chamonix 06-30-2011 03:42 PM

Your right, they are two seperate issuesand I'll adress them seperatly. First the shower and its inability to drain. Had the same problem only mine would not drain at all. Your are also right in that it is a clogging problem but its not the drain that is clogged (or at least i doubt it is). there is a line that runs from the drain under the floor and back into the cabinet below the head sink, where it joins the drain line from the sink to the through hull at a T connection. Somewhere between tne drain and the T connection is an inline filter about the size of a loonie. More than likely that is what's clogged. follow the line, find the filter and clean it out (it's easy to take apart, but hold your nose, its going to smell).
Second is draining the fridge. The fridge has a drian valve. agian it is a drian line that goes from a hole at the bottom of the fridge runs along the port side under the stove and kitchen counters to the port side sofa. lift up the cushions and agian there will be two wooden covers over two access hatches. Somewhere in that storage area you should find the end of the hose with a brass quarter turn valve on it. turn the valve and the fridge will drain. I keep a two litre pop bottle to drian it into, then dump it down the kitchen sink. Its not recommended you drian it directly into the bilge due to odour problems. If the last owner wae messing with the fridge my last directions may not be valid. However I cant imagine he would have messed with the means to drain the fridge.

HBBurlington 06-30-2011 03:59 PM


We're going to find that drain this weekend !!!

Thank you....cheers, I'll hoist a bevvy in your honor on Cda Day!

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