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eherlihy 02-11-2010 01:00 PM

No Mans Land
All my life I have been fascinated by No Mans Land, the island just south of Martha's Vineyard. Looking at any chart, there is a bright pink box, and it is marked restricted area. I know that it was used for target practice during WWII, and that it is supposed to be peppered with vintage ordinance.

Today, after I installed OpenCPN, I was again drawn to look at the chart for the area, and the pink box. It is clearly marked Danger Zone 344.70 (see Note A). Note A says, essentially, look in the Navigation Regulations. Since I'm on my laptop, I checked it out. Here is what the Code of Federal Regulations say;

334.70 - Buzzards Bay, and adjacent waters, Mass.; danger zones for naval operations.

(a) Atlantic Ocean in vicinity of No Mans Land(1) The area. The waters surrounding No Mans Land within an area bounded as follows: Beginning at latitude 4112'30", longitude 7050'30"; thence northwesterly to latitude 4115'30", longitude 7051'30"; thence northeasterly to latitude 4117'30", longitude 7050'30"; thence southeasterly to latitude 4116'00", longitude 7047'30"; thence south to latitude 4112'30", longitude 7047'30"; thence westerly to the point of beginning.

(2) The regulations. The vessel or person shall at any time enter or remain within a rectangular portion of the area bounded on the north by latitude 4116'00", on the east by longitude 7047'30", on the south by latitude 4112'30", and on the west by longitude 7050'30", or within the remainder of the area between November 1, and April 30, inclusive, except by permission of the enforcing agency.

(3) The regulations in this paragraph shall be enforced by the Commandant, First Naval District, and such agencies as he may designate.
:confused: What does section 2 mean?

Obviously there is a typo here; " The vessel or person shall..." should read "No vessel or person shall..." However, does this mean that anyone can go there from May 1 to the end of October?:confused:

Have any of you been to No Mans Land?

svHyLyte 02-11-2010 05:59 PM

The island, properly "Nomans Land" but charted as "No Man's Land" and the surounding area was a bombing range from 1943 to 1996 and is believed to have rather a lot of unexploded ordinance. For more see Nomans Land (Massachusetts) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

eherlihy 03-13-2013 09:34 AM

Re: No Mans Land
I'm planning a June cruise, and it could take me by Nomans Land (the ORIGINAL Martha's Vineyard, before they changed its name). I gotta get some time outside "the line," so that I can upgrade my ticket to "Near Coastal." (see this thread)

Again, I'm wondering if I can go inside the "Danger Zone" surrounding Nomans Land in June... Does anyone here know?

tholepin 03-30-2015 10:16 PM

Re: No Mans Land
One cannot land on the island. There is a roadstead in foul ground for protection from S to SW winds. Not safe / comfortable when wind blows from any other quadrant. If weather is benign, drop the hook for lunch. I wouldn't anchor overnight as there are prettier places to drop the hook nearby: Block, Cuttyhunk and the Vineyard.

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