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krob2002 01-02-2010 03:50 PM

1967 Westerbeke 4-107 failure to crank
We are trying to get our supposedly recently overhauled 1967 Westerbeke model 4-107 to crank. In the past year, the engine has only run once for about 4 minutes and then died. We have changed the o-rings on the injectors (the washers were worn) and put new fuel lines on. We fixed the wiring so that the starter works. It turns over but does not fire.
Does anyone have any possible suggestions, next steps, or condolences for us?

MARC2012 01-02-2010 05:07 PM

Bleed the fuel system from the fuel pump to the injectors.Pump up fuel pump by hand & try if does not start begin breaking lines.Usually only have to break 2 injectors.Might try starting in no fuel position to clear lines.Be careful about turning over too much with raw water on can intrude cyls.

klem 01-02-2010 05:18 PM

From your description, it sounds like it will crank but not start. In a diesel, this means that you are not getting fuel into the cylinders almost all the time.

Start with the simple stuff. Is there enough fuel in the tank? Is the shutdown in the correct position? Are all the fuel lines properly hooked up?

Once the obvious stuff is done, you should start working on the less obvious. A common cause of this problem is a small air leak in the fuel system which has allowed air to enter your fuel system. Try cracking a fitting on the IP side of the fuel pump and see whether you are getting a steady stream of fuel or whether there is any air involved. Keep moving down the line and checking that you get good fuel flow until you have loosened a few injectors. Once you tighten these up so that they fire, it should start.

From time to time, there is actually a mechanical problem that causes this but it is almost always either operator error or an air leak. Don't be afraid of cranking with a lot of throttle.

Good luck.

drobarge 01-02-2010 05:18 PM

have you tried bleeding lines yet?
most require priming after allowing any air in to the fuel system
find a downloadable service manual if you don't already have one this will explain the process step by step. it's usually really easy. (loosen one bolt and pump with a little button) i think the 4-107 has this little button right above the fuel filter cup on the starboard side of the block

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