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Diesel This is a forum dedicated to diesel engines and their applicable accessories.

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Old 09-03-2011
Junior Member
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yjchun is on a distinguished road
As you suggested, I did adjust valve clearances but did not see much difference. I did ask an engineer here to take a look after all. After careful examination (He pointed my valve adjustment was all bad), we found out that one piston head was a lot lower than others. We are planning to take the engine out to pontoon for further examination and repair. So this is becoming a semi-overhaul.

Because cost is major concern to me now, the engineer will fix the main problem and take care of parts in very bad condition (injector rebuild and replace oil pipe, mixing elbow and thermostat).
I will do minor maintenance, cleaning and have the engine repainted (in red).

My heart is hurt for the extra expenses and time, I am learning a lot at least and happy to finally be able to clean my engine room.
If there is anything I should know before the engine rebuild, please let me know.
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Old 09-03-2011
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dabnis is on a distinguished road
Sounds like a badly bent connecting rod? Perhaps water got into the combustion chamber either through the exhaust manifold or a large leak from the head gasket or a cracked block or head? You might want to get a detailed estimate from the mechanic before attempting to re-use the existing engine. Don't know if Yanmar offers "short blocks", just the block and internal moving parts, but you might explore that possibility. Also while the engine is out you might want to inspect or remove the fuel tank or anything else that is hard to get at with the engine in place.

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Old 09-03-2011
fryewe's Avatar
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fryewe is on a distinguished road
Water can also get into the exhaust if you crank and crank and crank and the engine doesn't start. Exhaust pressure expels the cooling water, and if there is no exhaust pressure, and the engine is being spun for a long time by the starter (with the cooling water pump pumping as a result of that), water can flood into the engine.
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Old 09-03-2011
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bandaidmd is on a distinguished road
I just want to say to anyone that's having these sort of issues, do a compression check before you start monkeying around. At the very least you'll have a baseline to refer back too. Your dealing with some high pressures in a compression ignition engine(diesel) so your normal gas powered automotive tester is not going to work. Harbor freight has a rather inexpensive compression tester kit for diesels some will use the glow plug hole and some you'll have to pull the injector.
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Old 09-03-2011
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Truckee, CA
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dabnis is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by dabnis View Post
Not even close to being an expert on anything but do have some years working on gas and diesel engines. The crank being hard to turn when only the #1 valve train operates is interesting, perhaps an out of tolerance camshaft, bent valve stem, seized valve guide, galled cam lobe or rocker arm? For starters a compression test on all cylinders should be done.
When things settle down when operating the de- compression lever on #1 leads me to think of the above valve issue(s) or perhaps a blown head gasket in the #1 area. Let us know what you find.


A compression test has been suggested a couple of times. Don't know if one was done, but it sounds like the head has already been taken off. If #1 piston doesn't come all the way up it is likely to be a bent rod.

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Old 09-05-2011
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MitchM is on a distinguished road
one can check for a bent con rod using a test with a piece of solder bent at a right angle to see whether the solder compresses evenly when each piston is (manually) raised, details of how to do this test are in the service manual..(not the owners manual..) if the piston travel (and smash pattern on the solder pieces for each cylinder) is different between the 3 cylinders, that suggests a bent con rod as dabnis points out. if it's a bent con rod that would be important to know from a $$$ standpoint.
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