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hangupndrive 04-30-2013 08:05 PM

C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal

I am getting ready to repower my 1988 C&C 30 MK II. I currenty have a Yanmar 2gm20F. It has low compression and is in the process of dying a slow death. I have concluded that it is not worth rebuilding. I will likely go with the 3ym20. it is only 1.7 inches longer and the same width. if the 1.7 inches is a deal breaker, I'll go with the 2ym15.

The R&R will take place in October/November as, in my opinion the current engine will be fine this summer. Of course, there are cost considerations as well.

I will be doing the job myself. My first consderation is physically removing the old engine and lifting the new one in to place.

The 2gm20f weighs about 250 lbs including the gear. I am considering slinging a block and tackle over the boom and hoisting it out of the companionway. that way I can swing the engine right on to the dock on to a dolly.

I have to think that this would work as my lifeslinig has a B/T that you attach to the boom to hoist an MOB out of the water. How much does an MOB weigh?

I have also sat on the boom without so much as a groan. I weigh 190.

I welcome any comments. I'd especially like to hear from anyone else who has replaced their engine. How did you remove it?

Doug, Seattle

Faster 04-30-2013 08:10 PM

Re: C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
That's certainly a workable plan.. I think I'd attach a halyard to the boom at the same point as your lift.. the halyard will remove a lot of the bending moment on the boom, but it may well not be necessary. It would also take some of the load off a rigid vang if you have that.

Also suggest you remove things like exhaust manifolds, starters, oil filters, oil, etc.. anything that will reduce weight and reduce the size of the package you need to maneuver out of the companionway.

Will the footprint be the same? that will expedite all this a lot.

HUGOSALT 04-30-2013 08:46 PM

Re: C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
Definitely move halyard to position immediately above lifting point
to reinforce boom. Can also winch halyard to help raise/lower boom
to desired level. Motor should be directly under lifting point although
can use a little lift to help move motor a little forward/aft.
Be prepared as boat will heel a little as motor swings out, but a
buddy on the dock will go a long way for a soft landing!

hangupndrive 04-30-2013 08:49 PM

Re: C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
I was also thinking of running an additional line around the lower spreaders on the mast down to to somewhere mid-boom, keepingthe halyard aft to further distribute the weight.

of course, i would also pad the entire companionway area against the inevitable "bumps".

Capt Len 04-30-2013 11:35 PM

Re: C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
I use a wire cable strop over boom well padded with a couple of 2ft 2x4 s and support this with taut halyards, A good quality come along hung upside down to proper strop on engine tangs gives best control as you're right there one click at a time.If it's not a straight lift up and out, the boom canted up may give some pull room to clear the door with a friend helping I've done several 671 GMC s like this , slow and careful.

M.Stauffer 05-01-2013 05:56 AM

C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
Is the Yanmar for sale ? Where is it located?

M.Stauffer 05-01-2013 06:02 AM

C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
I removed my Yanmar to replace cutless bearing and shaft on my 27 Island Packet . I used a come a long attached to the boom with a strong fabric strap . On the motor I used a steel bar the same length as the lift attachments on the motor to fit 2 large shackles on those . Pretty easy .!

aa3jy 05-01-2013 06:25 AM

Re: C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal

Originally Posted by M.Stauffer (Post 1023766)
I removed my Yanmar to replace cutless bearing and shaft on my 27 Island Packet .

Just curious..why the removal of the Yanmar to replace the cutlass bearing and shaft?

M.Stauffer 05-01-2013 07:27 AM

C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
I also wanted to replace 26 year old motor mounts !

JimsCAL 05-01-2013 07:49 AM

Re: C&C 30 / Yanmar Repower, Engine Removal
I removed the Universal 5411 on my previous boat that way. Definitely attach the main halyard to the boom and not rely on the topping lift. Make sure the block and tackle you use can lower the engine all the way to ground. We were about a foot short which meant some scrambling and rethinking at the end to get it on the ground. I think the entire operation of disconnecting the engine and pulling it out took two of us about 2 hours.

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