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rikhall 06-22-2011 08:48 PM

BMV600, EchoCharger and two 12v in parallel
BMV600, EchoCharger and two 12v in parallel - that's what I have, thanks to the fantastic patience and advice for you know who you are (about six people and I am afraid I will miss someone if I try to list them all).

Today was our first "trip" (from Fredericton to Grand Lake where our mooring is). 35 nm and the wind on our nose the whole way. So, I got to "play" with the system a bit. At one point we are motoring along at 2500 RPMs and I see only 0.2 amps going into the system. What the heck?? My alternator should be putting out more than that, right? Nope - SOC (state of charge) was 100% - hmm, something is smart in there. :)

When we are starting up, as I turn on more electronics, I can see the amp draw.

When we get on the boat I switch the batteries to #2 (that's the "house bank) and leave it. I don't have to worry about #1 (the lone "spare" battery) - cause it charges automatically through the echo charger.

I am liking this set up more and more.

And next week when I get down to Hamilton Marine, I'll pick up a fuse for the battery as per Maine Sail's recommendation and then I'll be done with the system (I hope).

So, the reason for this post, just to say Thanks! Thanks to you all who helped so much.


PS - we'll be in the Penobscot Bay area from mid July to mid August if anyone wants to hook up.

Rik, Linda and Captain Hook

mitiempo 06-22-2011 09:00 PM


Glad it worked out well.:)

montenido 07-24-2011 04:24 PM

I did the same thing with the help of the same people here, I'm sure. I built my house bank to 3 group 27 batteries, with the charger feeding them directly. My starting battery is charged using the Echocharger.
So far, it all works!

Cheers, Bill

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