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justonemoreproject 03-19-2012 03:13 PM

What kind of charger do I need?
I've read all the recent threads about batteries and battery chargers and learned a lot from all the posts on this wonderful site. I need a better charger to properly maintain two battery banks,. But I am not sure if it would be better to get a 1 BANK OR 2 BANK charger and what kind of charger I should get.
That will fit my under $150.00 budget.
My system:
Blue Seas Dual System Plus Battery switch connected to an Battery Link ACR (PN 7600) with under voltage lockout and over voltage adjustment.
2 new T125 connected in series to make a 12v, 240 AH house bank.
1 new Walmart group 24 starting battery.
Solar panels that can generate 5 amps a day connected to an ASC series regulator with temperature probe.
New battery cables protected by Blue Seas fuses in the appropriate places.

According to some posts on this site, 2 bank chargers are not recommend if you have an ACR. But I want to confirm tmy version of ACR will make it unecessary to get a 2 bank charger.
I have been diligently looking for chargers that meet most of Maine Sail's recommendations.
These "smart" chargers that are in the $100 to $150 range look like they should be good choices. Does anyone have any comments about them or any other recommendations?

Minn Kota MK-220D - it is sold in the Sailnet store.

NOKO Gen 2
Iota DLS-30 with IQ4.

One other question is, should I have the solar panels and electrical battery charger working at the same time? Could that lead to overcharging or any other problems?

Thanks for looking, I am trying to get this battery set-up right this time.


mitiempo 03-19-2012 10:02 PM

Re: What kind of charger do I need?
With your ACR you only need a one bank charger. The ACR will close with a voltage rise from any source - alternator, AC charger, solar or wind gen - it doesn't care where it comes from.

Having the solar and AC charger working at the same time will not be a problem. With a good output from solar the charger will back off. The batteries are the determining factor to charge current at a given voltage - regardless of how many sources it comes from.

I do not have an opinion of the Noco Gen 2 charger. Hopefully someone else will.

mitiempo 03-19-2012 10:21 PM

Re: What kind of charger do I need?

Did you buy your ACR and Dual Circuit Plus switch in one package or as 2 separate items?
I have only seen the switch packaged with the 7610 ACR.

I can see good applications for an ACR with a 60 amp limit. Charging batteries for a windlass or thruster for example as smaller cables can be used.

justonemoreproject 03-20-2012 02:33 AM

Re: What kind of charger do I need?
Its been 7 years since I rewired the DC system and I think I bought then separately, but not 100% sure. I know they came from West Marine. I read the info off the original paperwork. Battery Link ACR, PN 7600.
I see your in Victoria. That is a pretty harbor. I really enjoyed walking the docks when I used to visit. The town is beautiful as well. Sailing amongst the Islands is very scenic too! You must have a good heater on your boat!
Thanks for all your help, you really opened my eyes on a couple of points in my last thread.
All the best,

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