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HighFly_27 11-09-2012 12:56 PM

Scotty, (Replace Old DC Breaker Panel) When Will I Have My Warp Power On Line ?
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I Need to Replace My DC Breaker Panel.

Some of the breakers are broken and soft when switched on & off.

I did some searching and buying a straight DC Panel is not a problem, about $ 500.00 bucks.

I will be adding a 7.5 K (?) generator. I want to buy diesel to match my diesel engine, and draw from it's tank. I have gas generators but don't want gas powered gen's. on board. Just, guessing, I may not have a lot of room and do some work to fit the gen. in place. I may have to drop down in size to fit (gen.) it in place, maybe only a 5K, I need a min. of -- 5 K for A/C power.

My Question, What Spec. (DC/ AC) Panel Do I Need ____ to match up to the AC generator ?

My 42 YO (1970) old boat is: Islander 37, MS [ see old DC panel pic's. ]

Has anyone (with old boat) added a gen. & replaced their on old DC Panel ? I'd like to hear

______ what you did (bought) and how's it working ?

Would you have changed (your choice) things later, ... you found a better choice

___________ including recommendation on __________ gen's. too ?

chucklesR 11-09-2012 02:37 PM

Re: Scotty, (Replace Old DC Breaker Panel) When Will I Have My Warp Power On Line ?
Airconditioning is going to run you 2500 bucks, plus duct work.

The average boat your size and style (no aft compartment) will need a 16,500 btu unit - that only needs about 13 amps to run. A Honda 2000 ran my Mermaid 16.5k btu installed A/C just fine, water pump included (with a soft start).

What I'm saying is you will not need a 5000 watt Gen for 'just' A/C.

On the other hand even tiny little water cooled diesel generators will run you 6-7k installed. That's a hefty chunk of change for your boat (I'm guess that's more than 1/4 what you paid for it). You will not get that back at resale.
Used 3.5k watt gen's are out there, you'll be competing with me to find and buy one.

You do NOT want to go with a less expensive air cooled diesel, what you save in money you'll blow in ear plugs and gas masks, even if mounted above decks. It's hard to be cool in the A/C when you have a jet engine next to your ear.

The one's I've seen fit in a space that's roughly a 2x2x2 cube and used can be found for 3k or so.

You might want to look at low cost alternatives (I've been forced to by the price). A 2.6 - 2.8kw portable gas generator and a Cruisaire a/c can be had for as little as 2k. I found used Cruisaire's in working condition for as little as 400 bucks. You'll be carrying gas for your dinghy motor, more isn't an issue.

HighFly_27 11-09-2012 04:02 PM

Re: Scotty, (Replace Old DC Breaker Panel) When Will I Have My Warp Power On Line ?
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I did not post this info. before, I have AC already and it works. The former owner said he just had it serviced and works ok., said, it may need tweeked. He thought it was not as cold as it was. I have a complete AC serving unit, does it all, clean & reservice AC systems.

AC data: Memaid Mfg., Model 16, Cooling 16.5 K, Heating 18.5K, pulls 13 Amp when running. Retails for $ 2,550.00, best price found $ 1,859.99. The unit looks good too and think I'm fine with what I have (per owners comments).

I heard what you said about the gen. deal (best direction). I'm a diesel mechanic (my trade) but not the little diesels; we consider the little diesel as .. throw aways. I have two little diesel, one 17 hp on a 4000 PSI high pressure pump. The 2nd one is for repower (15 hp) on a sawmill I'm repowering to from gas to diesel. working. I have a 3K gas gen. rope start and works fine. I see he 3k it as too lgt. for what I need & rope start. The 2nd is a 10 or 12 K mil. generator. It works great but just a little heavy and too big below deck. It would work above deck and is military spec'd.; it was just rebuilt and will take weather abuse, but gasoline.

I have Bo Smith (delivered boat) looking for a gen. (used). I'd like to buy the right size marine generator. I need AC and can not take a lot of heat on a day to day basis. When it's real hot (100 +) and No Air moving.. I'd be real unhappy, can't sleep when it's super hot.

chucklesR 11-09-2012 05:34 PM

Re: Scotty, (Replace Old DC Breaker Panel) When Will I Have My Warp Power On Line ?
I hear you on the hate/can't handle the heat.

That Mermaid draws 13 amps, 1550 watts, add in another 2 or 300w for the water pump it needs to run and for just air cond that's all you need for a genset.

If you put a loud stinky gen on deck don't be surprised when no one in the anchorage wants to be your friend.
Check eBay and craigslist etc in your area, lots of deals that scare me off because I don't have the expertise.
You do have the expertise.
Since you are not using the gen to run sensitive electronics you are not tied to the very precise 60hz deal, and a little flux won't hurt. And of course any extra wattage is good because you can turn on your AC charger and top batteries.

If you can't find a small generator in your price range you could make up a power take off (PTO) from your main diesel and either direct couple a genset head or put it to a clutch driven pulley that drives a genset head. You need to be able to uncouple/de clutch it because at high RPM's you would burn the gen set up.
Even though you don't need the (usually 3600 rpm) to get the 60 cycle right - you will need close to that to get the voltage right. I'd suggest doing it so the genset head gets the right RPM's at your main's idle speed. Doing that allows you to put a less expensive or even salvaged genset head from a house type 5k watt generator. Of course you can do the same 'build your own gen' deal from a stand alone diesel also - it would cost a lot less.

There are specific forums (i.e. not sailnet) that yak about this stuff all day long. I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but I did read a lot of crap about building my own genset; especially after I saw the price of a Onan/Northstar etc.. 4k unit.

HighFly_27 11-09-2012 07:37 PM

Re: Scotty, (Replace Old DC Breaker Panel) When Will I Have My Warp Power On Line ?

You turned the light bulb on , I did not consider the PTO/ Clutch Drive off the Perkins. The Perkins has a fixture there all ready to drive a geneator. I bet that Perkins has more that one configerations to drive a gen. or hydraulic pump and other things.

I see a number of gen's.set up's for sale that (usually) mount on pick up diesels. they are faily easy to mount (anywhere). Now, the RPM shuld be at least 1000 to 1200 RPM + to get the engine out of the idle range. It's no good to idle any engine and place it under load (at idle). Bad things happen in a lug type situation i.e. low cyl. temps., water condensation, cyl. wash down due to low cyl. temp's. Four cyl. diesels have an inherit vibration problem, Some of the eng. manuf's. install counter balance vibration shafts internally to reduce vibration levels.

Amyway, great pointer to run the gen. off the aux. drive on the main engine. The former owner motor sailed this boat at -- 1600/ 1800 RPM at 4.5 knots. Thats a long way from 3,600 RPM (50 HP rating). The fasted he had the I 37 was 8.5 knt's in a 40/ 45 gale wind. His usual speed was 6.5 knots under sail with a decent wind (hull speed = 7.52 knt's.) .

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