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tibtib 05-10-2013 01:09 PM

12V Connectors
Is there a "standard" electrical connector for circuits (let's say less than 10 amps) that need to occasionally be disconnected? Not the cigarette-lighter type, but something rugged and reliable. For example, I have an electric pump for the shower drain/sump that occasionally clogs up despite having two filters in line. Right now, I just cut the wires and install new "butt" splices, but there isn't a lot of extra wire there any more. I want to install a plug (for lack of a better term) inline at the pump to make it easy to remove the pump when necessary.

asdf38 05-10-2013 03:55 PM

12V Connectors
I'm not aware of any standards other than lighter plugs. Honestly it's a bit difficult to find any good marine connectors.

One options is to have a terminal block and ring terminals that you just screw in our out. This is my solution for mast wiring.

Otherwise you're sort of on your own. West marine has trailer connectors which aren't great. Anchor has these and a couple variations:

And there are a huge range of industrial connectors which are generally a pain to find and buy.

rhr1956 05-10-2013 04:22 PM

Re: 12V Connectors
Yes! I bought these at one of the auto parts stores. Cut the wire in the middle, then butt splice them in place and plug em in.

hellosailor 05-10-2013 04:27 PM

Re: 12V Connectors
No standards.

Easiest bet is probably to find Radio Shack and get a "pack connector" or "Molex" connector that has two pins and is polarity keyed so it can't go together reversed, those are the most common way to do it.

Or instead of butt connectors, put in 1/4" "qd" connectors, the one is a tongue the other is a female socket for it. On the same crimp connector rack in the stores. When I'm doing connectors for 2-wire polarized circuits, I'll put a female on the positive supply side, making it harder to short out if dropped, and a male on the negative supply side, so again the two wires can't be plugged in "backwards".

sstuller 05-11-2013 03:14 AM

Re: 12V Connectors
You could try the Posi-Lock butt connecters since they are reuseable. They are like Norseman fittings so they can be taken apart and reused without having to cut the conductor like crimped fittings. Thanks. Steve S.

TropicCat 05-11-2013 04:38 AM

Re: 12V Connectors
I 2nd Hellosailor and have used these from Radio Shack.

Simple crimp type which are Interlocking and polarized and will take 20 amps. $5.00 for a set of male/female

CarbonSink62 05-11-2013 07:46 AM

Re: 12V Connectors
My home generator came with 12VDC output; the plugs look like the US 110VAC 'blade' connector but with the blades at a 45deg angle and no ground. I thought (hoped) it was a new universal standard. Alas, I have yet to see a single device marketed with a plug to match the socket.


tibtib 05-11-2013 08:40 AM

Re: 12V Connectors
I think I will try these. The one on the right side of the picture will be the "supply side" so there is no + voltage on the exposed connector pin. This type of connector looks to me to be a bit more rugged and watertight than "Molex" connectors.


Originally Posted by rhr1956 (Post 1028378)
Yes! I bought these at one of the auto parts stores. Cut the wire in the middle, then butt splice them in place and plug em in.

kd3pc 05-11-2013 10:09 AM

Re: 12V Connectors
Anderson power poles are setting standards in radio/emergency preparedness and the like....

Anderson Power Poles, Connectors & Housings - Powerpoles for Sale | Powerwerx

they work very well, and have done well in the field and on boats as well.

check them out

Minnewaska 05-11-2013 10:40 AM

Re: 12V Connectors
For our fresh water pump, we have spade connectors that plug into a block that is permanently secured to the wall next to it. Permanent power comes into the block. The pump can be easily removed by slipping the spade out of the block.

I haven't done this yet, but I've often thought of coating the spades with the grease that you put on battery terminals to prevent corrosion. It doesn't take much, but if the spades corrode, you have to replace them.

The other downside is one of the connections seems to be getting loose in the block and could just fall out. Still, its worked well for 8 years. If it redo it, I may change the spade terminal block out for a ring terminal block. More secure, just about as easy to manage.

p.s. If I were going to use one of those plug connectors, I would load it up with electric grease. Just like trailer connectors, they seems to corrode and are impossible to clean up when they do.

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