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ltgoshen 12-02-2013 10:18 PM

Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
O.K Moma has given me a Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget.

I do coastal cruising and want to get as much as I can with that money. What to do???
Your suggestions?

PaulinVictoria 12-02-2013 10:30 PM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
Well, given that budget you are going to be looking at 5" plotters, from what I've seen you basically have a choice of Garmin, Lowrance or the Standard Horizon units for that sort of money. The Lowrance 5 is on a cracking deal at WM at the moment, transducer, Gold charts for under $450 plus taxes so you'd have a few bucks left over for other toys.
I liked the interface on it, I've tried several different manufacturers out and that Lowrance seemed the most obvious, followed by the Garmin with the SH just not seeming that easy. I also didn't like the little stick control on the SH.
I'm sure with some study of the manual they would all be fine. Pretty sure the Garmin and SH don't come with charts, or transducers if you want depth.
Haven't looked at the Hummingbird units, nor the smaller Raymarine which is on special at the moment but I think still out of your budget.
Best bet is to get yourself to a marine supplier and play with a few, see which one you like.

ltgoshen 12-03-2013 08:10 AM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
Do I have to have a GPS antenna and a thru hull transducer to make these things work?
My Garmin 215 I use now is outdated but it has a white mushroom antenna mounted on hte back of the boat. How does it get the depth reading? it does have a memeory card in the unit. Do I need to update the card or do I have to buy a new card?
Can I update the old card and use it in a new unit?
Sorry for all the questions.

Gladrags1 12-03-2013 09:42 AM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
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The units most likely have an internal gps antenna and won't need that mushroom antenna. The units that measure depth will come with another transducer. If you have a depth sounder already, I really don't see the major benefit for installing the chartplotter's. I believe that chartplotters that come with depth transducers typically are for finding fish. I would save $$ by buying a plotter without that feature but then I don't fish.


ltgoshen 12-03-2013 09:48 AM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget

Originally Posted by Gladrags1 (Post 1181786)
I would save $$ by buying a plotter without that feature but then I don't fish.


I also don't fish.
I have a st50 depth gauge can they be used together?

Gladrags1 12-03-2013 09:57 AM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
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You might be able to network them. You can also check on each units website to see compatible transducers. As far as details about how to do that, you need to review the documentation, often located on-line, for the unit.


bljones 12-03-2013 11:32 PM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
I like the Lowrance Elite series plotters if one is looking for a standalone plotter or plotter/depth combo- great value for the money, especially pre-loaded with navionics charts- it saves a substantial amount of cash.
Lowrance Elite-5m HD Gold Chartplotter

I know, it is only NMEA 0183, but if you are looking for a capable standalone, not trying to link it to the rest of your electronics suite, it is more than enough.
I have had one aboard for 5 seasons, and have zero complaints.

PaulinVictoria 12-03-2013 11:36 PM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
And until Sunday, it's under $400 at WM,with Gold card and a transducer, pretty unbeatable deal I think. I'm quite tempted myself.

bljones 12-03-2013 11:40 PM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
Paul, check out I am tempted to pick up the 4" model just because it is too cheap not to.

Marine Chartplotters & Sounders : @ Radioworld Toronto

PaulinVictoria 12-03-2013 11:53 PM

Re: Christmas GPS $600.00 Budget
I have 8.4" of chartplotting doolally at the moment, not sure I could go as small as 4" and still be able to actually see it from the helm. 5" is pushing it, the 7 would be better. Anyway, I am not spending any more money on the boat this year. Repeat. I am not spending any more money on the boat this year. Although I wouldn't mind a traveller that is actually usable. And genoa tracks. And some new sails.

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