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Rog 03-10-2014 08:21 PM

NAV/RADAR Monitor Size
The older I get the more I like big screens so I can see things better. (Galaxy Note 3, was last "big screen" purchase). My question is as far as I can see on line, in order to get a large NAV/RADAR screen it must be a dedicated unit, I'm not finding the ability to plug into a larger generic type monitor. If this assumption is correct then it appears the boating community is being raped by the manufactures. I mean a 17" or 19" monitor cost a couple hundred bucks. but if you want that same size display for marine nav/radar it will cost you more than 10 thousand? Heck, and some of those aren't even waterproof at all, or only from the front, so what's so special?!?!
I'm just doing some studying, trying to decide if retiring on a boat is financially feasible for me, so thanks in advance for any answers for this newbie.


miatapaul 03-10-2014 10:18 PM

Re: NAV/RADAR Monitor Size
Big thing is daylight readability. Most monitors, including your note will not be readable in direct sunlight. But I can't see the need for anything more than 10 or perhaps 12 inches on a boat. That is pure luxury at that, as you will be close after all the controls are right there on the side.

jrd22 03-10-2014 10:48 PM

Re: NAV/RADAR Monitor Size
For a dedicated radar display 5X6" is plenty big even with old eyes (I should know:-)). I have a 12" display on our fishing boat, radar overlay, etc and I don't find it any more accurate or readable than the Furuno radar unit on the sailboat.

Rog 03-10-2014 11:43 PM

Re: NAV/RADAR Monitor Size
Your right about seeing my Note in direct sunlight. It ain't happening. Still seems like a lot of money to make a bright display though.
The reason I even asked is I was reading a post on sleep patterns for solo sailing. One person stated he cat napped for 1-2 hours with alarm set on radar to wake him if anything came within X number of miles. He used an extra large screen so he could easily come to grips with the situation even with "sleep addled eyes" Thanks for reply

redline 03-24-2014 06:56 PM

Re: NAV/RADAR Monitor Size
My Raymarine E120 (and it's smaller bretheren) has a VGA output which is cabled to the 24" LCD TV in the main cabin - "because it's there". Haven't really used it for navigation, but it's useful with guests aboard and occasionally for watching bad thunderstorms go by.

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