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Eric! 07-17-2009 06:59 PM

Wanted: Raymarine Radar Antenna 2kw
Ours is broken and I can't afford the price of a new one. So, I'm hopeful that someone out there is upgrading their system and has a Raymarine 2kw antenna with 10m or 15m cable.

The working display that I have is a E52028 SL72+ that according to the serial number 1210020 was made Dec 2001. My broken scanner is a M92678 made April 2000. I gave all this info to raymarine and the came back saying the M92650 scanner is the newest version that would work and it is no longer being manufactured. The repair cost is so high that they force you to get a new one.

Anyone out there know of any for sale?

Sarana At Sea

Hollen 07-18-2009 02:32 PM

Raymarine Radome
We have what you may be looking for. We decided to go with the latest and greatest Raymarine C70, so our old M9250 is available. Unfortunately the cable did not come out of the mast well and could not be salvaged. If you want the dome only, have I got a deal for you?
I followed your blog for a long time last winter and then it died, so where are you now?
SV Andalucia
So Cal til November

Eric! 07-18-2009 03:58 PM

That sounds like fantastic news!

Well, our server went down for a few weeks around that time. We were sailing offshore when it happened, so it was down until we found out about it. It is up and running now!
Sarana At Sea

We are in Costa Rica, but I need to travel back to the US because of my grandparents health. So maybe we could setup some way to pay you and ship the antenna.

I'm pretty sure you just had a typo in your reply, but it was a M92650, right?

Why don't you send me a PM and then we can talk shop there?

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