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irwin325cc 07-25-2009 01:23 AM

Buying wheel pilot need some advice
I've read the posts on the Raymarine and X-5s. Not much info I could find here except on the install(which was very helpfull) but I'm about to buy a wheelpilot due to costs of going with below deck units and that I single-hand most of the time, I need some type of self steer unit. I mostly sail coastal usualy but plan to go Bahamas/Carribean in the next two years. I am thinking about going with a windvain or maybe up grading to a stronger unit before then. I've looked into Simrad units but it looks like they may have discontinued the WP30. I can't seem to find any dealers that arn't "sold out".
So heres the big question. Is there any other brands that I should consider within the price range of $1500.00 or less. What quality if so. Whats up with/where can I find some price and availability with the Simrad wheel pilot?
I'm 90% sure that I'm going to go with the X-5 but don't want to do the look back and say.
By the way my boat is an Irwin 32.5 Center cockpit sloop, with 13,000Lbs displacement. Normally sail 110% headsail and main.

irwin325cc 07-25-2009 01:29 AM

I'm sorry about droping this thread here I will move it to the gear and maintenance area.
I was sipply looking up how to post and then posted.

flatracker 08-23-2009 06:27 PM

Raymarine X-5
The X-5 was delayed in it's release for approx. a year, apparently for software problems. The only difference between it and the S1 is the X-5 has the rate gyro built in and as a result it does not need the rudder sensor. The rudder sensor can be a real PITA to install on some boats, but from what I understand even the X-5 works better with the rudder sensor. You can add the gyro to the S1 for 400 bucks according to Raymarine. I have an S1 and it does very good on a Seidelman 37. The rudder sensor was a royal pain, but other than that installation is pretty straightforward and simple. Have done a couple of gulf crossings, and find no fualt with the S1. If you shop around you can find a new S1 still in stock, for somewhere in the 8 or 900 dollar price range. I think Defender had some of them on sale recentlyl

rikhall 08-24-2009 02:44 PM

I installed the S1 on our Irwin Citation 34 in April and have about 1200 nautical miles on her since then. We think the rudder sensor is nice. As far as we are concerned, it handles the IC34 without problems.

I can share pictures of the installation if needs be.


jason3317 08-24-2009 02:57 PM

I installed a Raymarine S1-G (with rate gyro) as a wheelpilot. No complaints. I do not have the rudder reference installed and have zero issues with course / track keeping. I have the rudder ref and will likely install down the line, if only for the tiny predictable increase in accuracy. The rate gyro is the real deal and I highly recommend that option.

In fact, if anyone has an X-5 and wants to swap for the S1G (same unit and interface)...I am looking for an X-5 simply due to the OEM integration of N2k / STng. I would swap for the units, plus some cash.

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