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artbyjody 11-03-2009 02:33 PM

AC / DC Lighting – a stylish design solution for the design obessive DIY…
Marine lighting is expensive and frankly, style options - not much to choose from. Secondly - expensive. My lighting design has two major components - a AC - heat producing lighting (to take off the chill), and RGB LED lighting. I am strictly going RGB Lighting for the most part as I do not want to spend monies on multiple or dual coloring of LEDS for in port and underway. PLus the RGB lighting allows for mood setting - something important when living aboard.

The problem is one ends up having to mix and match fixtures resulting in a adhoc lighting design. Here is a project you can DIY and parts and materials are less than $20 per light.

These are a 3 pack of AC wired lights from Home Depot - brushed nickel. I selected these because they are about $25 for a three pack. The reason I purchased them - I wanted AC powered lights (and these – Xenon bulbs - are more efficient than halogens but still put out heat) . But, I also wanted to have the same styling with the RGB Lighting. Guess what - it does indeed on to see how.
What to look for at Home Depot.
A single light conversion.
First remove the clip holds the glass by compressing the holding ring.
Now you have the innards exposed.
Two screws to remove the silver reflective plate.
The wiring is now exposed.
Two screws that hold the AC wiring in place are to be removed.

The clip now removed.
Remove the insulation.

Insulation removed pry up the wiring on the edges as you'll need to grip it to remove the bulb connection.
Connection removed - pull upward on the wiring. NOTE – if you use single color led modules – you could reuse the wiring.
Now clip the wiring as RGB requires 4 wires (I use Cat-5e cable) with the pairs twisted together for each color - ie green with the white and green stripe)

Pull wiring out.
Insert the Superflux RGB light module. From Oznium (RGB 3 LED Square Module) which retails for little less than 4 bucks. Next stages - use Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint on the lens to diffuse the direct light from the three leds. Either mask off, remove the black base and use silver high gloss paint to coat the black plastic, or use Aluminum foil (crinkles ok as the base with light on top or overlay the foil and punch out the LEDs (easy to do).

To re-assemble - repeat steps 1- 4 in reverse order.

Now you have LED lighting that the fixture is the same styling as AC lighting....


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