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mgraham49 05-21-2012 07:06 PM

Raymarine E120 network issues
We have a raymarine E120 chartplotter, the raymarine radar, raymarine below decks autopilot, sirius weather input, and a third party AIS transceiver running together. The more people work on them, the worse the problem gets.


1. The unit repeatedly gives warnings of "lost heading" or "lost position" or lost Ais, which raymarine indicated could be a voltage problem. Ran the diagnostics, and we are seeing in the mid to high 11s at the unit when you run internal system diagnostics. This is about a volt lower than what is showing on the battery panel. I recognize that this may cause the network to drop out.

2. On a trip in Feb, the unit kept going black and seeming to reset. The tech guy working on it said that raymarine advised him that we had two fluxgate compasses competing, one attached to the E120, and one attached to the autopilot, and that he should cut the wires to the fluxgate attached to the E120. He did, and now the "go to" is not working to move the cursor and tell the unit to steer to the cursor.

3. While the ais is showing targets, the AIS icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen has a red X across it, indicating that it is not working, when it is.

4. When I go to the screen that is to show the GPS sats being received, and their strength, it is completely blank, and doesn't show any sats.

Can anyone give me an idea of what is going on? I don't mind hiring a tech, but so far they just keep breaking other things.


windward54 05-21-2012 07:37 PM

Re: Raymarine E120 network issues
I've heard of the first issue a couple of times. The early E-120's were very sensitive to voltage drops. The units would work fine until there was a drop in voltage and would shut off and reset. The voltage drop was coming from various items such as a refrigerator unit coming on, or an electric winch being used. Most I know about solved this issue by running an oversized dedicated voltage supply line to the unit.

The AIS will drop off if there is no GPS data. Also, there are two symbols with X's through them. One is the No AIS Signal. On that one, the AIS target symbol in the background is faint. The second one is a bell with an X through it, which means the alarms have been disabled, and there is a vessel emitting an AIS signal in close proximity. If you have the former, it is most likely related to the first problem. If you have the later, you just need to turn on your alarms. I keep my alarms turned off. Going in and out of LA Harbor, the darn thing was constantly sounding off.

goboatingnow 05-21-2012 08:29 PM

Re: Raymarine E120 network issues
Where is the source of your GPS data. The GPS satellite display page doesn't always work with third party GPS's. ( Yet youlll still be getting fixes.) Any you actually getting GPS fixes.

How was the fluxgate attached to the E120, what was used a NMEA 2K compass or what,

sounds like the autopilot is connected up right either.

You need to tekk us each item on the network and how they are connected.

mgraham49 05-21-2012 10:03 PM

Raymarine E120 network issues
Will do. What I realize is that I abdicated solutions to a tech. First issue, I know, is because the entire e120 and radar is all wored to a single breaker which is "cockpit supply". Boat was a well equipped island packet 44, but in those days, gps and radar were both at nav station. So when they upgraded, they did not rerun power, they just tied into the cockpit supply, so that may be the voltage drop.

On the ais x, it may be the x that the alarm
Is turned off. (BTW, could not believe how wonderful it was to call a 643 foot tanker by name and him offer to change course slightly to
Avoid me. ).

The gps antenna is the standard raymarine antenna that came with the unit. And I am obviously getting gps signals, the gps track was solid while the gps sat page was blank.


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