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rikhall 08-29-2012 06:15 PM

Old Kenyon knot meter - is it worth fixing?
What I really want is an ST60 Tridata - but what I might do is see if I can get the old Kenyon working. It appears to have a "new" thruhull. It worked off and on when we first got the boat four years ago. I gave up on it and use the GPS for speed over the ground - but water speed would be nice.

Suggestions (polite please)


bratzcpa 08-30-2012 11:41 AM

Re: Old Kenyon knot meter - is it worth fixing?
Great question, Rik. I bought an older Catalina 27 this spring. It had a kenyon knotmeter in it. I hooked power to it . . . worked for a couple of days, then it failed (indicator arm broke off inside the unit). I looked quite a bit for a replacement. EBay had one or two. Also found a couple of possibilites on CraigsList.

However, none of these were guaranteed to work. In other words, they were off of a boat that somebody "junked" and they had no way to test. So I wasn't willing to take a chance on if it even worked or not for $50-$60 (average asking price of used units).

Instead, I used that same money to buy an extra set of connector leads and a mounting bracket so I could mount my GPS from my fishing boat. It's WAY better. Gives me instantaneous Knots reading (also average, trip length, maximum, etc.). and a digital map on which I can see my progress and plan routes. I adjusted my readout, so it also gives me a battery monitor (volts), and course heading. I can put in waypoints for rocks, points, and the dock for navigating in the dark/at night/limited visibility/etc.

Granted I already had the "unit" on my fishing boat . . . but you can buy a GPS only unit for a boat for $150-$250. End result is MUCH better than that crummy analog old knot meter.

Also, if you upgrade, for $600, you can get a unit that does both mapping GPS AND depth sounder.


PS - my boat also has a Kenyon apparent wind indicator that also doesn't work. Not sure if it's the instrument (that doesn't work) or the masthead device. Any thoughts on this one???

rikhall 08-31-2012 07:22 PM

Re: Old Kenyon knot meter - is it worth fixing?
Mark - can't help you with the wind unit. I already have GPS and chart plotters, but I was looking for speed through the water. Be nice to know the current we are fighting.

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