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captainbrad 05-25-2006 04:38 PM

Companionway hatch for E-27?
Does anybody know where to get plans for the companionway hatch of a 1978 Ericson 27? Mine has deteriorated through multiple layers of ply and is delaminated pretty bad. Has anybody else rebuilt one? I would prefer to use solid teak rather than ply, but not sure how to go about it. Any input would be most appreciated.


jared 05-29-2006 12:24 PM

Brad, you mean actual hatch boards? Or a hatch, a sliding or hinged hatch itself?

If you're trying to replace rotted wood for either, a good way to do it from scratch is to cut large flats of corrugated cardboard from appliance boxes (or buy foam board from art supply stores) and make up a dummy from that, since it is easy to work with. Once the dummy is sized to your satisfaction, you've got a full-sized template to use for cutting the wood and other materials.

captainbrad 06-01-2006 01:32 AM

Sorry for the confusion. I'm actually trying to replace the sliding companionway hatch (the thing on top of the boat), as opposed to the doorboards. Mine seems to ride on a pair of aluminum slides raised off the deck about 2" on fibreglass rails.

Any help is much appreciated!

richardharvey 01-22-2008 10:26 PM

My edges were good and only the plywood was rotted so itook it toa local patternmakers shop and one of the guys mademe new insides useing strips of 1"x 3" teak he also had a guide so thathe could bevel the edges to produce the right curvature. Although it initially leaked between the slats I fixed that by cutting grooves down each side and inserting a thin piece of wood in the grooves befor glueing and clamping the whole works back together. Cost about $250.00 but works and looks great.

restorationtoo 09-25-2011 08:50 AM

Captianbrad, I noticed your posting on your Erickson 27 hatch cover. I own a 1979 27’ and my companionway hatch cover has rot in its underlayment and is delaminating. I noticed this problem after the remnants of a hurricane blew through. Do you have any advice from you hatch cover rebuild to pass on?? I currently have a ratchet strap holding it together on deck. Not very pretty.

mikel1 09-25-2011 10:46 PM

It's an old thread... BUT... check this has been covered a lot there, common problem...there is a lot of beautiful hatch rebuilding info especially by Martin King

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