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AlexandraH 06-20-2007 03:39 PM

Ericson 30' 1984 leak problems??

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of our first boat purchase. We've been looking at a number of different builds but I found myself very attracted to the Ericson's. We looked at 4 1984 30' Ericson's and ALL of them had water damage to the flooring and baseboard wood. It looked like the windows leaked... but I couldn't figure out how the damage to the woodwork was so extensive with something as simple as a window leak (I guess I'm thinking along the lines that I would fix it as soon as I found it, therefore not much damage). We live in Southern California so it doens't rain that much nor that hard. Anyone know what it might be?


Moonfish22 01-29-2009 03:56 AM

People are lazy, I have an ericson 32, there is a little bit of weatherstripping that goes around the ericson windows (at least back in the 70's) and the inner ring just clamps the outer window along with weatherstripping to the cabinsides, this weatherstripping dries out and lets water in between the frame and the cabin, also, the rubber that seals the glass into the aluminum frame can dry out, as was the case in mine.

It's an easy fix but the guy i bought it from said it had been leaking for 10 years or more. Ridiculous, i fixed it the first weekend i owned the boat.

Hope that helps a bit, Ericsons' are good boats, they went out of business because they built their boats too well, they just couldn't afford to keep building them like that.

jstorace 01-29-2009 09:16 PM

A good boat is a dry boat!Ha.........
that said, my E32 (1971) leaks like any other used boat not properly maintained for several years. Pure laziness!Prior owners?!

If you are patient. look around some more, for a dryer boat.
Leaks can also be from the deck hardware, anywhere topsides! Believe me I have had them all( every single bolt/screw/orifice, every single piece of hardware(not sealed). You name it I have had almost all of the deck ripped out(DISGUSTED!!).:puke
The portlights will have to be reseated in Life SEal, or waterproof gasket sealant,after the FBG layers within the coachroof walls are epoxy sealed.
Epoxy is waterproof to me(not poly resin or bondo).
THere are no small jobs, just WORK.

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